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  • My server uses 'phpsuexe', and nevertheless, the bug still persists...
  • Changing the permissions to 777 fixed it for me but it has some mini bugs in there somewhere, i had to reset it three times to get the arrangement that i wanted.
  • Vincent, great extension and thanks for all the hard work. Here's one thing I noticed: the permission to modify Statistics settings, i.e. the link in the Settings->Options panel will appear for all Roles with any access to the settings.php page. So, for example, if I have user Roles with less than Administrator permissions, but who have access to the Settings page (for adding/editing new Categories, let's say), they'd be able to modify the settings on the Statistics extension. Is there a way to limit permissions to Admin only?
  • That my friend aerocapture, is something that will be completely fixed in the new major version of forum statistics. The whole back-end of the program is going to be re-vamped once i find the time for it ;)
  • After beeing a time confident with this wonderful extension, I've now a BIIIG problem.

    If I want to choose, what should be shown in the statistics and what not, the MODIFY Button doens't do that, what he should do.

    I get

    The statistics have been successfully reset

    and all crosses in the checkboxes are there again, although I removed them

    Therefore, I can't change the statistic options...

    Iloaded and installed the extension again and again, but nothing changed.

    What could I do, to fix this BUG?

    THX, Richard
  • should be writeable.

    Posted: Thursday, 5 April 2007 at 7:32AM

  • wonderful... it works...
  • i was getting scared then :P

    I'm working on the next main version at the moment so you may have to be patient with the current versions errors, if you come across any
  • But people should mention them still as then Vincent can make sure they don't get into the new version :D
  • I would like to see an option added where, when set, would allow the Admin to define (either in Roles and Permissions or on the Statistics settings page itself) which groups can see the statistics. I'm trying to limit mine right now so that only I can see them, not the rest of my clients.

    Also, current issue: Whenever I change the setting to either view or not view the statistcs, I get the same success message: The statistics have been successfully reset. Shouldn't there be a different success message for each of those actions (i.e., "You have successfully updated the setting. Statistics can now be viewed.")??
  • Needed to change the code a bit to make it work.
    I suggest you add this to future releases to make your extension work on servers with really harsh restrictions for file opening:

    include(dirname(__FILE__) . "/Framework.Functions.php");
  • Meh, you probably should add to the readme that the file is neccessary to put on chmod 777!
  • There's probably an obvious answer to this question, but when I install the Forum Statistics extension and go to the discussions page, I get this four times: "Notice: Undefined index: UserID in /home/tphoenix/public_html/ on line 193" at the top of the page. If I disable the three 'Top' options then it goes away. Does anyone know what the issue is here?
  • I'm getting a message on top of my "discussions" page: "Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/content/t/i/n/tinneys/html/vanillaforum/extensions/Statistics/default.php on line 191" It goes away if I disable the extension. All of my permissions in the Statistics folder are set to: 777
  • My statistics has just gon kaput! I excluded guests from posting replies on the forum yesterday - Guest was the highest poster at that time. Today the statistics has vanished from the sidepanel. I get these error messages when I try to look at mods in the settings panel:

    The statistics have been successfully reset Notice: Undefined index: top_posting_user in /home/greenbui/public_html/newforum/extensions/Statistics/default.php on line 117 Notice: Undefined index: top_discussion_starter in /home/greenbui/public_html/newforum/extensions/Statistics/default.php on line 118 Notice: Undefined index: most_active_users in /home/greenbui/public_html/newforum/extensions/Statistics/default.php on line 121
  • Hi - I'd be interested in building in a stat from the Thankful People extension - something like "Most Thanked Person" (i.e. person with the highest number of "thank yous"). Tried having a go at it myself, but had to admit I didn't really know what I was doing! Anybody have any pointers? Thanks in advance for any answers...
  • I love this extension. But I'm having some problems with it. When I first created the forums I made a few test discussions and test comments. I've now deleted those, but they're still included in the statistics. That makes sense, but then I try to correct Discussions from 13 to 11 in the file and everything is good. It now says there's been 11 discussions in total, but within 5 minutes it says 13 again. What am I doing wrong? EDIT: Oh, and when I try to show Top Posting Users in the statistics it says: "Top Posting Users: With 0" - the "0" linking to the account page. The same goes for Top Discussion Starter.
  • zaipe the extension will work out up to date statistics every 5 minutes. If you put 11 in the file it will just assume 2 new ones have been created..
  • Hi folks.

    I've two problems with this extension.

    - The link to the newest user's account page works half of the time. Sometimes it points to the related user's page, sometimes it points to the person who's clicking on the link own account page. It may have something to do with the fact I enabled this addon on the extension page (for the blog extension), but it should work anyway.

    - The administrative settings of this addon can be accessed by anyone who has privileges to review the new applicants. It's rather disturbing in my case since my moderators aren't supposed to be able to modify anything but users roles.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
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