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  • @tinneystavern any solution yet that doesn't invovle turning the extension off?
  • I'm having the same problem with the newuser link, it works intermittently. Seems to be dropping the ?u=XXX, which takes you to your own account page. any fix for this yet?
  • is it possible to not include whispers and private messages in the top posting feature?
  • i also have a problem with the top posters part of this addon. for some reason, one of my users appears twice in the top posters list with two different amounts of postings.. how does this happen and how can i fix it?
  • Hey, love the plug-in, only trouble I've been having is the new user link. It is trying to access the Signed In users account view. Thus when Signed out it goes nowhere, and when signed in instead of going to the newest users profile it goes to whoever is logged in. This seems like a simple fix, I don't know much php but there are plenty of other links in this software that have the same functionality. A fix would be much appreciated.
  • any luck with this??
  • cmoooon, :) I would like to get a fix for this!! If anyone knows a work around a little step by step would be much appreciated.
  • This extension works perfectly for me. Many thanks to Vincent for such a great extension.

    The only problem I seem to be having is where the Newest User is displayed, the link actually links back to my own account page. I am using FriendlyURLs and figured it is a conflict with that.

    An example of what I mean is, Newest User should point to "" however it points to ""

    Anyone know how I can fix this?
  • I've noticed that, too. The link is set correctly until you go to the link. Then the link changes. Maybe someone has a clue how to fix this. It may have to do with the sql statement to get the newest user.
  • Yeah, that's it! When clicked on for the first time it works perfectly, but then changes to /account/ for any clicks to follow.
  • ok, now what is the fix for this?

    mysql_fetch_assoc(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/.latoya/leisurep/ on line 191

    it was working fine and all and then, little help or do i delete it?
  • I've noticed that if used with Page Manager, PFC, Members Page, etc. it won't show up with custom pages aside from the All Discussions page. I'm sure this is easy to fix however I have no knowledge whatsoever about writing scripts.
  • Have you tried re-syncing tabs in page manager?
  • Resyncing the tabs didn't work. Problem persists
  • I just recently upgraded to the latest vanilla version, and my hosting company was having some funky issues - then BAM my damn statistics plugin stops working. It seems like the file gets wiped or when the plug-in writes to it it stops after half a line. I then re-upload a previous version of the file and it starts working again. Then about 6 hours later it happens again. WTF!!! This has happened like 4 times in the last 2 days is there any recourse??!!!??
  • Hello,

    nice extension. Is there any chance to display the statistics also on the category page and not just on the discussion page?

    thanks for your help.
  • Mine shows up on the Categories page, can't remember if I hacked that or it came up by default.
    I'll take a look first chance I get.

    Posted: Wednesday, 31 October 2007 at 6:29AM

  • In the default.php file towards the bottom, you have:
    if ($Context->SelfUrl == "index.php") { Change it to:
    if (in_array($Context->SelfUrl, array("index.php", "categories.php", "post.php", "comments.php", "search.php"))) { Leaving in only those pages on which you want to display it. In your case, you would just want index and categories.
  • sexual chocolate. thanks a lot!
  • Would anyone like me to remake this extension to see if I can properly organise the user interface and hopefully dispel any of the previous problems? I there's enough people to support me taking the time out to re-make this i'd happily do it, but there has to be quite a few people wanting me to do it...

    If you and your friends would like to support this, please whisper your agreement, and any helpful ideas that you may have.
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