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Inline Images

This discussion is related to the Inline Images addon.


  • im not sure about the specific, but i am looking for the option to treat hotlinked images the same as the attached ones - if that makes more sense. a mock up would look like I had attached 6 images on a forum that has inline images and thickbox extension
  • I think I am missing a very basic step, like exactly how to "tag" an attachment as an inline image. I installed attachments 2.1 and activated it. Then inline and activated it. After adding a comments, there is a browse for attachment dialog that successfully uploads the attachement. Problem is, when the comment is posted, the attachment is just listed. It cannot be accessed and does not appear as an inline image. Any ideas anyone?
  • Turns out the directories for Attachments and InlineImages is hard coded. I had not used the exact names.
  • this extension is not working correctly on ie 7. it adds scrollbar . here is a screenshot

    I see the same thing in Internet Explorer 6.0. Firefox is working well.

    You can fix this by

    removing height: 1%; at line 10 in style.css (inside the extension directory)
  • Now that I have Inline Images working as intended, I would like to make use of the image tag Jazzman referred to above "Users can use an image tag (e.g. [Image_154]). You can only use the image tag for comments where you uploaded the image to."

    When adding comments, we can browse for the image. It is uploaded and appears as an inline image in the post. I have tried every combination of the tag in the comments section and the upload dialog, but apparently not the combination that works. It is easy to see the id given an image by right clicking a post. Doing so would produce

    So, how could I use this image again in another post without uploading the same file again?
  • What I have done for my forum is hack together the solution you see below. Its a file library of all uploaded files. By making a category that is hidden from view all places but category page, but making it possible to post to it, named ("File hosting"), I have also converted added the functiob of letting my users host file on my server. If there is enough demand, I mayhap could be convinced to make it into an add-on.. (click on this to view a screenshot)
  • MrDo
    thats nice work
  • why thank sir :)
  • Hi!

    Mr Do, I would like to have this as addon!
  • ok. ill start to look into it. maybe it will be done over easter
  • im actually almost done with a first version. does anyone want to test drive it?
  • there it is. please someone test it
  • Could somebody please tell me how to do screenshots like in this discussion, please? Thank you
  • you press PrSc (Print screen), then open up Photoshop (or similiar photo editing program), make a new document and paste inn from clipboard (print screen saves your screen in clipboard), cut it to the dimensions you need, then upload it to for instance, where you will given an URL, like
    This you use in the comment in HTML mode, you would type something like this :
    <img src=""/>
    in your comment where you want the image to appear.

    i hope this helps :)
  • attachments

    Non selected images appear as images with just their name and image id
    Selected images show the image placement icons, Full or Thumbnails, Delete plus a new Home button. The Home button makes the image appear on the discussion list next to the discussion title.
  • is that a mock up suggestion? I like it..
  • wow! great! Would like that too!
  • In PHP version 4.3.10 (possibly earlier versions) there is a file upload bug. This bug appears when magic_quotes_gpc is enabled on the server (most are set on by default.) When on, any filenames uploaded with an apostrophe (') will get mangled (anything to the left of the apostrophe, including the apostrophe itself is truncated.) It is recommended to upgrade to PHP 4.3.11 or newer
  • ...or do the smart thing and don't do not use extraneous characters in filenames!

    Posted: Sunday, 29 April 2007 at 7:03PM

  • Nice mockup Schiz :) That would be a really great addition to the extension.

    Wanderer, I'd like to see you enforce that on the general public =D
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