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Inline Images

This discussion is related to the Inline Images addon.


  • Easy peasy mate...

    function StripShit($guff) { $guff = str_replace("'", "x", $description); return $guff; }

    Posted: Monday, 30 April 2007 at 3:01PM

  • Can anyone tell me why a large image (one exceeding the define width) would not be scaled down. I'm seeing an image place holder rather than the image in the user comment.

    note: i'm using the latest extension for attachments and inline
  • hi fnostro.
    maybe your php isn't configured for image manipulations.
    to see the error(s) just copy the url of the not displaying image in an empty browser window or post the link here.

    regards, J
  • More info - the image place holders exist for only IE (7). In Firefox what I see is a filename rather than the scaled down image. the following is rendered for both IE and FF: =============================================================================== <div class="Attachments" id="Attachments_23"> <ul> <div> <img src="/extensions/InlineImages/image.php?AttachmentID=13" alt="CaptainsIsland.JPG" /> </div> </ul> </div> =============================================================================== I don't see an error and none is reported in the browser. If it's a php thing can you point me to the php.ini parameter to look for?
  • hi all! has anybody found a solution for adding inline images on the first post? it's a disadvantage to first post the comment and uploading the file and then you have to edit the comment and add the inline images... my idea is: adding another tag -> the original where [Image_*]. the new are [ImageNum_*] (or [Image*] without the underscore). this tag uses the number of the image of the current comment! i already implemented this on my forum. but found 1 major bug: the multiple file upload stores the files in reverse order?!? the first image i upload gets the highest database id. this means, if i upload 3 images, [ImageNum_1] is my 3rd image... update: a simple sorting before storing the files in the database removes the "sorting bug".
  • I would like to have my thumbnails resized to a max width of say 200px, and the large images have a max of 750px. Is this possible? On the options page there is the 'Maximum Width' parameter, this controls the size of the large image? I am a wee bit lost... EDIT. Ok, so Max width controls the width the image displays at before you click it. And when viewed, you still see it scaled down to this width, even if the image is bigger. Can the click through always go to the full size image, displayed at original dimensions, by default? Or what about an option for this to happen, as long as the original image is less than a specified max width for the large image. Cheerz!
  • The click through *does* go through to the original for me... the maxwidth setting just controls the thumbnail in my experience.
  • I see the original size also, unless my browser window isn't large enough to show the entire picture
  • hello there.. my uploads result in broken images although the images load to the server successfully. any idea? the img-urls seem to be correct (.../extensions/InlineImages/image.php?AttachmentID=1)
  • copy and paste one of the image urls into your address bar and browse to it. chances are you will see some kind of helpful error message.
  • instead of displaying the image in the browser it downloads an image file that i cannot open the image files in the uploads directory are ok though
  • open the image file that it downloads in a text editor. there might be some code embedded in it.
  • i uploaded the broken image to my webspace.. i couldnt open it with a text editor either
    here it comes.. image
    thank u for checking :)
  • Funny, it comes up with a broken image when you browse to image directly, if it was missing it would generate a 404 Not Found Error.

    I'm thinking it's a corrupt image?

    Posted: Friday, 13 July 2007 at 7:30AM

  • it's actually nothing - 0 bytes.
    derfreddy, if you want to give me a server login, i can probably figure it out.
  • thanks alot ithcy.. but u can access all files already :) are u sure the filesize was zero when u dowloaded the image? it says 8kb here btw are the resized images supposed to have a double ending?
  • no, i meant i need direct access to the server so i can check out your environment and run some tests.
  • wow i suppose that was u.. thank u very much champ :D
  • there is a bug in this extension similar to the one in JQMedia - it does not respect the user's text-only (worksafe) mode setting, but displays the images in the comment body regardless.

    here's a fix:
    in InlineImages/default.php, change line 52 from:

    $ImageBody = '<img src="'.$WebRoot.'extensions/InlineImages/image.php?AttachmentID='.$Attachment->AttachmentID.'" alt="'.$Attachment->Name.'" />';

    if ($AttachmentManager->Context->Session->User->Preference("HtmlOn") == 1) { $ImageBody = '<img src="'.$WebRoot.'extensions/InlineImages/image.php?AttachmentID='.$Attachment->AttachmentID.'" alt="'.$Attachment->Name.'" />'; } else { $ImageBody = $Attachment->Name; }
    this is just one approach, of course. the important thing is that Context->Session->User->Preference("HtmlOn") is respected.
  • Jazzman?
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