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This discussion is related to the FCKeditor addon.


  • thanks MySchizoBuddy. I still can't make it work. i installed both the extension and fckeditor, and I thought that after enabling the extension a toolbar was goiingt to show up in the comments forms but it is missing. that's my biggest problem, the toolbar is missing. i've tryed following the instrucctions on the readme file but they must be outdated or something because nothing happens after doing what written in it. thanks for your help again.
  • leo, you need to tell us what browser you are using. This extension is know to not work in Safari.
  • Gentlemen,

    I just found a Safari related bug. If you have been reading my previous posts in this thread, you will see that I at first could not post in Safari but then I deleted the Safari prefs file and I could then enter posts (albeit, with FCKeditor disabled). However, only today I discovered that posting via Safari in this condition strips out all carriage returns. So if you type in 3 paragraphs and click the "Add your comments" button, you will find all your text clumped together in one massive paragraph.

    I've tried everything, but it's clearly impossible to create line breaks in Safari!

    The really interesting part is, if I disable the extension and then return to my post, all the line breaks show up! It's like magic: Turn on FCKeditor extension, watch your Safari-posted line breaks vanish; Turn off FCKeditor extension, warch your Safari-posted line breaks appear!

    So this is either a bug in the extension or a bug in FCKeditor.

  • Seems to me you answered this yourself in comment #33 above...

    "This extension is know to not work in Safari."

    Posted: Friday, 20 April 2007 at 3:26PM

  • If you read through all my posts on the subject, you will see that: (1) at first I found it to be a trouble-maker extension in Safari in that it would lock up the text entry field; and (2) I later found that the real trouble was a Safari prefs file, that when deleted the text entry field unlocked and allowed one to post; and (3) although FCKeditor (which is used by this extension yet not one in the same as this extension) will disable itself in Safari, my post yesterday was to show that it is not "100% disabled" insofar as you cannot edit/enter text via Safari in the same manner as you could with the FCKeditor extension disabled -- more specifically, all your carriage returns are stripped out when you enter text in Safari.

    Why did I post this if I know FCKeditor is incompatible with Safari? For the reason I have just stated in this post above: because if FCKeditor can gracefully disable itself and allow Safari users to input text in the same way they would if the FCKeditor extension was not enabled, then they would be none the wiser and Firefox and IE users could enjoy FCKeditor while Safari users could enjoy posting messages as they would expect. But as I found yesterday, FCKeditor doesn't disable itself 100% (or there is a bug in the FCKeditor extension, which as you know is NOT the same as FCKeditor -- software you must download separately). If it did disable itself 100%, then carriage returns would not be stripped out. But since they are stipped out, it is clear something is not being disabled completely, and for that I reason I posted with the hope that someone may know of a fix and then I can implement that fix and leave FCKeditor enabled. But because I myself consider the lack of carriage returns in posts to be a big problem (as it would be for anyone who knows how to write English well), I have posted here to find out what is possible.

    But again, I find it very, very curious that all the carriage returns "suddenly appear" when I merely disable the FCKeditor extension. This indicates that it could be a simple bug in the Vanilla extension, as opposed to a bug in the FCKeditor itself. But since I am not the author of this extension, nor do I know much about PHP, I cannot solve the problem myself. And just because this extension says it is not compatible with Safari, that shouldn't mean "it will destroy the experience for Safari users." I simply interpret that to mean that Safari users won't be allowed to see or use the FCKeditor button bar or take advantage of its features. In other words, "this extension is incompatible with Safari and therefore disables itself when it senses the browser is Safari."

    If it is not possible to 100% disable this for Safari users, then clearly I will have to disable the FCKeditor extenion in the end. But it never hurts to ask before doing that.

  • Read the last line here

    Posted: Saturday, 21 April 2007 at 2:29PM

  • Wanderer, all I can say is "please reread my post above yours, focuses your attention specifically on the first sentence of my second paragraph." I wrote that sentence with full knowledge of what MySchizoBuddy had said in that last line of his post you are referring me to. The facts stated in my post above, however, stand. And for the purpose of clarifying how I myself define the term "compatible," please refer to the last sentence of my 3rd paragraph above.

    With all this said, I wouldn't be posting any of this had FCKeditor no means of playing nicely with Safari, which it clearly does because it by and large disables itself in Safari. If it was truly "100% incompatible," it would make no attempt at all to disable itself. But it in fact does disable itself, with the lone exception of what I posted above: line breaks are stripped away. But again, I don't know if this is a bug in FCKeditor or in the extension, which I wrote above are two different pieces of code.
  • All I can say is that, in my considered opinion, I find that anything not compatible with Safari is written in a way to take advantage of os/platform/browser specific non-compliant weirdness and should be ignored by self-respecting and member-respecting admins.

    No matter whether it disables itself gracefully or otherwise.

    Posted: Saturday, 21 April 2007 at 3:12PM

  • Wanderer, being a fellow Mac OS X and Safari user myself, I am in full agreement with you that "it truly sucks rotten, poisoned eggs" that there exists no Vanilla extension that will allow Safari users like ourselves the covenient means of making text bold, underlined or italic. Nay, I would go even farther by saying that it is "infuriating"! While I do have Firefox on my computer, I prefer Safari, as do most Mac users. And I think it silly (or rather "totally nuts") to expect all our valued forum members to manually type in HTML code in order to make text bold, italic or underline!

    But rather than dwell too much on things that will merely serve to depress me and raise my blood pressure, as someone who advocates literally the best OS and web browser on the planet, I feel compelled to consider what "options" I can give to users of my Vanilla forum with respect to text editing in both Japanese and English. What I have found is that, to date anyway, FCKeditor is about the best option for Vanilla in this regard. But alas, Wanderer, you are correct in pointing out the "greater bug" that prevents FCKeditor from working in Safari as it does in Firefox or IE! And how hideous a flaw that is!

    But in the end, I, as a Vanilla forum admin, must make the decision on whether to offer advanced text editing to Firefox & IE users sans Safari, or force all my forum users to "suffer" as mu Safari users must, with zero text editing features. With the aim of choosing "blessings for some" over "suffering for all," I have posted my experience with FCKeditor above. Others who follow in my footsteps will find exactly what I have, in that if you wish to enable FCKeditor, it for the most part disables itself in Safari with the lone exception that all line breaks are stripped away. If this one flaw can be fixed, then those who wish to offer "blessings for some" will be blessed indeed. This is all I've been trying to say.
  • Quote: JDW
    pic ...there exists no Vanilla extension that will allow Safari users like ourselves the covenient means of making text bold, underlined or italic. pic
    Try Quicktags. pic

    Posted: Sunday, 22 April 2007 at 10:04AM

  • most forums use BBcode and it works in all browsers
    you can always tell ur safari users to not use firefox.
  • Uploaded version 2.4.2 of FCKeditor.
  • ok enabled checkbrowser mode. no idea what it will do on safari. perhaps if ur lucky it will just disable itself.
    PLus added a template button with a blog post template
  • MySchizoBuddy,
    Thank you for the checkbrowser mode. I just uploaded the new version 2.4.2 and tested it in Safari. Function is exactly the same as 2.4.1 in Safari -- disables itself but line breaks are stripped away. Then upon disabling the FCKeditor extension, line breaks reappear!

    Thanks for the tip about Quicktags. I've actually had my eye on that but due to it being version 0.5 and due to the dearth of comments on it, I have avoided it until today thinking it may be alpha-grade material. However, I just installed it and tested (after having disabled FCKeditor). You can read my report here.
  • Uploaded version 2.4.3 of FCKeditor.
  • totally disabled for Safari
    Now enable HTML formatter before you enable fckeditor. IN safari FCKeditor will be disabled, and HTMLformatter will be used instead
  • The point is that JDW (as I understand it) needs a gui formatter for ALL users.
    Installing FCKeditor will not achieve this, since it (now) disables itself in Safari leaving the user with no gui.
    HTML formatter works "behind the scenes" it is not a gui.

    Posted: Monday, 23 April 2007 at 7:32AM

  • there is no WYSIWYG for safari in existence
    Quicktags isn't WYSIWYG

    FredCK the creator of FCKeditor is working with the webkit dev team to fix the issues in the javascript engine of webkit[email protected]/msg00084.html

    there won't with with the current safari version at all. perhaps in the future if Apple decides to update safari to latest webkit engine, that will be good. Hopefully when Leopard is released, Safari for Tiger will be updated as well
  • Well Quicktags is a GUI if not a WYSIWYG in a true sense.

    At least Quicktags works. Let's face it, we are looking at formatting a simple and most often short paragraph. It's ridiculous to try and replicate Microsoft Word clone for such a piddly result. In one word, over-kill!
    (or is that two words? Do hyphens count?)

    Posted: Monday, 23 April 2007 at 7:48AM

  • i use a basic toolbar, not the default one. stripped down version of fckeditor, then it isn't overkill, its just perfect.

    just for knowledge, FCKeditor nightly almost works with webkit nightly

    Here is the comment by FredCK
    "I will be able to announce the compatibility only when the editor will be
    working with Safari at 100%. Our users expect that. I really don't want to use
    it as a marketing thing, like others do. It's a matter of credibility, and

    The nice thing is that it seams we are not that far from that, specially if we
    continue in the rhytym we are going now. I really thank all the WebKit group
    for the brilliant work you have been doing."
  • MySchizoBuddy,

    I have just uploaded 2.4.3 and confirmed that it is now being 100% disabled in Safari. Line breaks now work for new posts in Safari, and all my old posts now have their line breaks present.

    Many thanks for your time in updating this extension.

    And I, like Wanderer, hope that some day soon the FCKeditor team can get full Safari compatibility going. That will be good for all of us in the end.

    Thanks again!
  • I have a question with FCKEditor. Is there a way to auto-hyperlink links? So that you can paste a link in the text and don't have to bother manually linking?

    I know the "Extended Text Formatter" extension does this automagically for text, not for html though.
  • no fckeditor doesn't have such a feature
  • ahh ic - i might have to dive into the exntended text formatter and extend it a little more. ta!
  • Not compatible with Safari.

    why ?
    my vanilla forum members all Working on Safari ..
  • AppleAps. FCKeditor author has disabled Safari untill its 100% working and all bugs are fixed. he is working with Safari developers to fix bugs in safari as well that are messing up Fckeditor.
    you should encourage all ur safari users to jump to webkit nightly. Because ones FCKeditor officially supports safari. it won't support the current version. only webkit nightly and the safari version coming with Leapard

    Btw just for record there is no WYSIWYG that works with safari. If u however do find one. do let me know.
  • Oops .!

    okay, safari in leapard The reform will be all the current problems .

    I am working on Forced BBCode ..
    It works well on safari .. But he has some problems sometimes, as it does not have any update

  • It appears that I am also having a problem with links that are 101+ characters in length. When I view the source of the post I see it correctly, but it just won't be clickable like a normal link. This appears to be the case in both Firefox and IE6.
  • For the 101+ character problem, I think this is an FCK issue, so you should really take that up with them.
  • open up settings.php
    change this value 'href' => array('maxlen' => 100),
    to something like 125.

    from kses documentation 'maxlen' checks that the length of the attribute value is not greater than the given value. It is helpful against Buffer Overflows in WWW clients and various servers on the Internet. In my example above, it would mean that "<a href=''s...'>" wouldn't be accepted. Of course, this problem is even worse if you put that long URL in a <frame> tag instead, so the WWW client will fetch it automatically without a user having to click it.
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