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This discussion is related to the Tinymce addon.


  • @ JDW: v1.3.3 seems to work in IE. At least worked in my case :]
  • That's good news, lipa. It's Saturday night here in Japan, and I don't have access to my Windows PC at work. So I will test this new version first thing on Monday and report back here.
  • Lots of promise with this gadget but it is flakey in Safari.

    Insert picture won't work
    Lists don't work
    Font size does not work
    Font color works with the picker but not the menu
    The smileys don't work

    If you resize the editor area you lose all the contents, not just the formatting, all the text too.

    Posted: Sunday, 8 April 2007 at 1:36PM

  • safari isn't supported. so ur bound to have problems
    Do the demos on tinymce site show same problem or not
  • # MySchizoBuddy
    It can worked in IE6&7, haha, thanks very much, you a very good man : p
  • I've now tested version 1.3.3 in MSIE 6 for WinXP. I also tested this new version again in the latest versions of Firefox and Safari for Mac (under OS 10.4.9). Here are my findings:

    1) tinymce is properly being disabled when the browser is Safari. Since tinymce is obviously not compatible with Safari, having it completely disabled like this is a good idea. (I therefore am not sure what Wanderer is talking about above when he says some parts of tinymce don't work in Safari, because I am not seeing any part of tinymce appear in Safari at all.)

    2) Under Firefox and IE, there appears to be an odd quirk with CommentLinks. Namely, the "Copy URL" menu now includes a third menu item "tinymce"! Selecting, "tinymce" works the same as if you selected "text." So clearly, this tinymce extension and CommentLinks need to talk to eachother better so that "tinymce" option in CommentLinks is removed.

    3) PreviewPost does not work with the tinymce extension in Firefox and IE. But Preview still works in Safari because tinymce auto-disables itself in Safari, allowing Preview to work fine again.

    4) It takes no less than twice for the tinymce icons to load in IE Windows than it does in Firefox Mac. And to think, I tested Firefox on a rather slow Mac and I tested IE on a fast Intel CoreDuo box! But I guess this is just yet another Microsoft bug out of that thousands that still exist for Internet Explorer.

    5) Japanese is still not appearing in Firefox Mac or IE Windows, despite the fact I have the tinymce "ja" pack properly installed on my server. (In contrast to tinymce, Japanese works fine FCKeditor.)
  • Commentlinks picks up formatters. Tinymce is a formatter. thats why its showing up there. Comment link should remove Tinymce and FCKeditor. yeah Preview post is incompatible with Tinymce. Didn't I actually mention somewhere how to make it work. I remember mentioning about preview post and fckeditor. Do a search. tinymce and fckeditor both have their own preview buttons us them instead. This foreign language thingy is getting annoying now. tinymce sucks. I can see the font dropdown menus in japanese, but the comment is not.
  • Ok added gzip compressor support. read the readme
  • Uploaded version 1.4 of Tinymce.
  • Uploaded version 1.4.1 of Tinymce.
  • Quote: JDW
    pic not sure what Wanderer is talking about above when he says some parts of tinymce don't work in Safari, because I am not seeing any part of tinymce appear in Safari at all pic
    Well it does show up in Safari for me but it doesn't work.
    It's a little overkill for my needs anyway, I was just curious to see what it looked like.

    Posted: Tuesday, 10 April 2007 at 8:21AM

  • Wanderer,

    Different versions of OS X and different versions of Safari behave differently. I only use the latest versions of both (currently, 10.4.9 and Safari 2.0.4), and under these versions, with no Safari hacks or add-ons, tinymce is totally disabled in Safari. So if you are using other versions or have modified your Safari install in some way, it could be that you would see part of tinymce, which I am not seeing at all. But just to let you know, I did test this on multiple OS X machines, some with different OS and Safari versions, and Safari didn't show tinymce at all on any of the machines I tested.

    While this may be a moot point in your case, as you mention it is "overkill" for your needs, this dicussion may be relevant for those who come to this forum after us seeking help in Safari. From my standpoint, tinymce is quite nice except for the fact Japanese doesn't work. I don't like the fact it doesn't work at all in Safari, but at least (in my experience) it is smart enough to disable itself in Safari. I really can't be to upset about the lack of Safari support since I've yet to see a formatter like tinymce that works in Safari!
  • I have the latest OS X and Safari, totally default and no hacks and I still get to see the broken TinyMCE. As far as I can tell from screen-shots I've seen, the controls are complete, they just don't work properly.

    As for Safari support, TinyMCE must be using back-door hacks or non-compliant techniques that work on other browsers.
    Maybe the next version of Safari, to be released with Leopard might be more forgiving, I used to have Webkit installed and updated it regularly but I trashed it, otherwise I could have done a quick test.

    Posted: Tuesday, 10 April 2007 at 11:23AM

  • Wanderer,

    Very curious indeed as to why you can see tinymce and I cannot. Hmmm.

    Well, what I can say is that I actually like FCKeditor better, with the lone exception that FCKeditor doesn't hide itself in Safari but instead locks you totally out of editing anything! To me, that is unacceptable; whereas, tinymce at least will let Safari users enter comments. And Japanese works in FCKeditor too, whereas it doesn't in tinymce.

    So if FCKeditor can be fixed to either WORK in Safari or AUTO-DISABLE itself in Safari, I would be very happy indeed!
  • JDW
    Does Fckeditor examples on the fckeditor homepage lock up safari as well
    or is it just the extension doing it
  • MySchizoBuddy,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I just went to the FCKeditor DEMO page and tried all 4 samples. In every case, the toolbar does not appear at all in Safari, and although I can see the field, I cannot type text in the field. So it would seem that FCKeditor simply is not compatible with Safari. That's fine, but there should be some way for it to disable itself automatically. Possible?
  • for me the toolbar doesn't appear, but i can still type in. can u try webkit
  • MySchizoBuddy,

    Thank you for the reply.

    I see that you are referring to this webkit. From what I read, webkit is basically part of Safari. And you are suggesting that by using a nightly build (newer version) of this, that I might find FCKeditor or tinymce to be more compatible.

    Although this may be true, and although I personally love to tinker with such tools to make my own web browsing experience better, the fact remains that I cannot expect all my Safari-using forum members to give their copies of Safari a heart-transplant (which is what "webkit" essentially entails). Therefore, I simply need to keep tinymce and FCKeditor disabled in my forum, or wait until FCKeditor will auto-disable itself under Safari. And like I've said in earlier posts in this thread, FCKeditor is, in my experience, better than tinymce except for the fact that FCKeditor won't auto-disable itself when the browser is Safari.

    I think perhaps what we really need here is "pure simplicity, compatible with any modern browser." And yes, I classify Safari in that category. Honestly, we don't need much more than Bold, Italic, Underline, URL, Quote, and Code features! I wouldn't think this should be too hard to implement in a way that is compatible with IE Windows and Safari Mac.

    Thanks for your suggestions.
  • did u check if fckeditor demo on the fckeditor page auto disables or not
    or does it only occur with the extension
  • MySchizoBuddy,

    As I posted above, that FCKeditor demo does NOT auto disable.
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