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This discussion is related to the Tinymce addon.


  • For me in safari it does disable itself.
  • MySchizoBuddy,

    Thank you for the test in Safari. I just checked again on my machine at work, and it still shows a blank field in Safari (for that FCKeditor demo). My Macintosh G4 Cube at home exhibits the same exact problem. But after that test, I tried a couple other Macs in the office and found they could show the line of text and the text in the field was editable! I then created a new user on my G4 Cube here at work and found that Safari under the new user works fine to show the field and edit text.

    So I backed up /library/Cookies & /library/Safari & /library/Keychains, and then I Reset Safari -- that theoretically restores Safari into a pristine, clean condition. I then restarted Safari. Sadly, I still cannot see the line of text in the field or edit it -- same problem as before!

    I don't have any Safari hacks installed, so I can't see what's wrong here. Very odd. I know that reinstalling my OS would fix the problem, since the new user worked fine. But I'd rather not do that.

    I enabled the Debug menu in Safari so I could see the errors logs. The JavaScript Console log shows several lines with errors. Interestingly, when I switch users on this same Mac and load that FCKeditor demo page, the JavaScript Console log is blank. So clearly, I am only getting these Javascript errors under my primary user account for some mysterious reason. And sadly, Reset Safari doesn't fix this problem.

    UPDATE: I quit Safari and trashed user/library/Preferences/ . To my delight, upon restarting Safari and trying the FCKeditor demo, it works this time! I can now edit text in the field! (I must say that "Reset Safari" is a pathetic command in that it doesn't delete the plist file too!) Anyway, I'm quite pleased at this result.
  • I just tried TinyMCE in Safari 3 and it appears to work, at least much better than previously.
    No exhaustive testing yet but it looks promising for those of you who want such a formatter.

    One problem remains, after selecting text, it deselects when you select a menu to act on the text, not always just sometimes.

    Posted: Wednesday, 13 June 2007 at 8:10AM

  • Has anyone seen the editor on Google Docs?

    Now that's an editor and from what I have seen it works flawlessly on all browsers, which further convinces me that anything that breaks and blames the browser is just a combination of bad and ignorant coding.

    Posted: Saturday, 16 June 2007 at 2:15PM

  • Come now, that's like saying that any normal program that doesn't automatically work on Windows, Linux and OSX is badly or ignorantly coded... It's possible to account for all browsers, yes, but it's well known that Safari 2's JS isn't the best (unlike it's CSS support) and the people coding it only have so much time/only want to bloat the code so much. Anyway, since version 3 is nearly here, these arguments are mute and I guess we need a conditional kill-switch for Safari less than v3 :)

    Much the same as FCKeditor, I've had a look at TinyMCE and it seems a lot of other people also bundle the whole thing up in one archive. So again, MSB shout if you don't want this beta version online - but here's the RAR (327KB) and the ZIP (562KB) file for brave souls who want to test :) It doesn't play nice with the js/css packer, but then neither does 1.4.1 either (I've left a note on the packer Google code site regarding this).
  • Come now, that's like saying that any normal program that doesn't automatically work on Windows, Linux and OSX is badly or ignorantly coded...
    Yup, that's exactly what I'm saying but we're not talking about any normal program, just a browser.
    And Safari 3 beta is here, lots of things that balked in version 2 are now playing nice with the beta of version 3.

    In any case, now the iPhone has landed, much more attention will be drawn to such issues and "bad or ignorant" coders will not get away with stuff usually just accepted by the masses. They will be exposed and hopefully named and shamed. I love progress.

    Posted: Saturday, 14 July 2007 at 8:33AM

  • Why will the existance of the iPhone expose poor coding?
  • Currently, the many poorly coded (non-compliant and rely on Exploder to work) sites that work with Exploder because it's not compliant are not an issue because the majority of visitors also use Exploder.

    Enter the iPhone which uses Safari and the very compliant Webkit. These sites, instead of receiving a miniscule number of complaints from a perceived "niche" market sector will no longer be able to ignore the complaints.

    It happened in Australia years ago when, as Mac users, we were ignored and denied access to internet banking. Many IT departments had a kick up the arse (ass?) when it was realised by management that many complaints were being cut off with replies such as "go away and get a PC with IE" if you want to bank online.

    I understand it's a matter of numbers, now the numbers again are increasing, so will the complaints and hopefully positive action as a result.

    It's not just "bad" coding but reliance on active-x and similar technologies that are proprietary, available only for Windblows and blindly ignorant of any other platform.

    Deny all you like that the iPhone is a business tool, forget about its current version 1.0 shortcomings, they are being addressed and it's not the individual features that make it great it's the sum of all parts and the promise of new thinking that make it unique.

    Imagine no longer being held captive by the minions in your IT department in league with Microsoft and its evil exchange server with its closed system and Windblows dependent ways.

    The end of the dark side is imminent in many ways, this (the iPhone and its potential) is just another ally in the fight against those that keep true progress in shackles with closed, sub-standard, proclamatory, big-market-share smugness and I could go on but I just fell off my soap box.

    Posted: Saturday, 14 July 2007 at 9:50AM

  • Jeez, I thought M$ and Winblows expired when you hit puberty - I was wrong... *rolleyes*
  • No, Stash, You probably wern't... :D
  • I joke around and you guys spit the dummy and take offense, I try to answer what looked like a serious question in a serious fashion and you guys joke around. *slaps forehead*

    Posted: Monday, 16 July 2007 at 9:59AM

  • Winblows expires when you hit puberty, true enough. But it then changes to Windoze. It's no different than when we rip on those who prefer to design websites with Dreamweasel or GoWhere? instead of SoftPress Freeway. Bash what deserves bashing, I say! Age matters little when you're having fun. And you never know how many 70-year-olds are out there on the net doing just that, acting like pre-teens, trying to relive the past!

    Now what in the world do the last 8 posts have to do with TinyMCE (the subject of this thread)? Sure, they're general talk about editors, but they have nothing at all to do with TinyMCE!
  • You tried the all in one package JDW? :P
  • No, because my current installation of FCKeditor works fine and I would rather use that now that TinyMCE (and yes, I installed and tested TinyMCE along side FCKeditor). But as I posted in the FCKeditor thread, we really need a new version that re-enables Safari because version 3 will most likely show all the icons now.
  • Anyone know how to enable a quote function in Vanilla that will work with TinyMCE and insert a previous post as a blockquote into the editor's window?
  • I get the "Are you sure you want to navigate away from this page?" alert after hitting [Add your comments]. Any way to disable this when running the wysiwyg editors?
  • Anyone have a fix for the "Navigate away??" bug?
  • I've not encountered this myself. Have you got a link to your forum where this is happening?
  • Stash, I could post a link, but of course you would have to sign up to participate. If you want, I will do that and approve your membership so you can have a look. (post in this category after approval) Vanilla 1.1.2 Tinymce 1.4.1 Attachments 2.1 Blog 1.1.3 Duplicate Email Check 1.0 Page Manager 2.5.1 Yellow Fade 0.1 Using Firefox & IE 7.0.5... both give the same problem. This is confusing because the full message is: "Are you sure you want to navigate away from this page? The changes you made will be lost if you navigate away from this page. Press OK to continue, or Cancel to stay on the current page." Cancel returns you to the page, but the "Add your comments" button of course has changed to "Wait...", so you can't submit the comment. My members are for sure going to be confused.
  • Hi everyone, I'm very new to Vanilla and PHP have no idea how to integrate Tinymce inside Vanilla page. I can't find the instruction anywhere. Can someone help me with this please. I already upload the file to Vanilla extension, now what php page in Vanilla should I include the code into, and where to put the code so the comment page can show the Tinymce panel. Thank you so much for your help
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