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This discussion is related to the Tinymce addon.


  • I noticed that tinymce does work with safari 3. see the compatibility list. in order to get it to work: one has to put webkit in the tinymce config found in the default.php line 109 browsers : "msie,gecko,opera,webkit",
  • help,how to add plugins such as media plugin
  • DUH! I think I done something very wrong... I put on TinyMce and it works brilliantly except for one major problem... It wont link to images or links. I click to add a link or an image, I get the little box come up, I put in the URL to link or image and press insert...and nothing happens, just the URL disappears and the little box waits patiently for me to put another link in :( Now I know it must be something very simple I forgot to do but Im lost now...anyone able to help me please? I am NOT code savvy...
  • S'ok I took it off and put on 'Make It Simple Text Formatter' instead. Now just need to set up a tutorial on how to use it for members LOL
  • I have tried the FCKEditor, which works brilliant with the Quote add-on, but Internet Explorer 7 somehow "chops off" the area for the editor, so only half of it displays. Also, the FCKEditor seems rather bloated: lots of files. TinyMCE looks promising, and now I am trying to make the Quote add-on working with it. This should be rather easy: the quote.js of the add-on uses some FCKEditor-specific lines, which boil down to: FCKeditorAPI.GetInstance('Body').InsertHtml(FCKeditorquote ) ; I went through the documentation for TinyMCE, but I could not find a similar function to retrieve the TineMCE instance (similar to FCKeditorAPI.GetInstance('Body') ), and I can't find anything to insert HTML to the "textarea" of the editor as well. Is there someone here who knows more about TinyMCE?
  • This add-on makes use of window.onload = function(){...} If any other add-on would use the same way of having Javascript code executed after the page has loaded, the last added add-on will overwrite this function. Isn't it an idea to use JQuery in such occasions, and use $(document).ready(function(){..}) to add a function to be executed after page loading? When all add-ons would stick to the ready function, they can't interfer with each other anymore.
  • Inserting YouTube media works well with add-ons: AutoLinks, QwikPost, FCKeditor. Using media plugin, allowing all elements for embed, inserting Flash, all codes are stripped (KSES or...). Is there any way to insert YouTube video with TinyMCE?
  • Ok I found one solution in JQmedia works great
  • Any body solved the colors and fonts problem? They looks fine in the editor, but when published, you don't see the color changes. Just Bold / Italic works.

    I think this should be a problem with the theme, because the theme forces it's color to TinyMCE.
  • I have installed on three different domains and two different servers and still nothing happens.
    Downloaded, placed in extensions folder, activated on site.
    No effect on comments window??

  • Oh, and I tried it on Firefox and IE
    also tried FCKeditor on all of the above. Same results
  • WE REALLY NEED THIS PLUGIN for vanilla 2. Please...
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