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This discussion is related to the Friends addon.
y2kbgy2kbg New
edited January 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help


  • @y2kbg: as you can see from all the impatient comment being posted in the unofficial discussion about 'Friends', being the target of incessant nagging is the price you must pay for being the author of such a great add-on. Many thanks for all your hard work - as you can see, it is appreciated by many!

    I, too, look forward to trying out version 2.0 when it's released! Sounds like fun! :-)
  • I would loved to have a myspace but way better system within Vanilla, to make the members feel like they are part of a larger community. Have you seen or the much better one is

    Our site is and we have a fast growing community, over 700 members now...
  • Two days? :)

    Ah well .. Couple points, for packaging I think it would be better not to hard-code the URL, if you must have it include from vanilla's config.

    Also, by default I would imagine a white bg theme would be better, to fit more with 99% of the vanilla addons

    Aside from this great mod, Even with having to tweak it I like using it.
  • default.php has Version: 1.0

    Extension has 1.7

    Can we get this updated?
  • Change your include statement (line 71) to the following to make your extension work on restrictive servers:
    include dirname(__FILE__) . '/members.php';
  • y2kbg, any site of version 2 on the horizon? If not, can you fix the version conflict for 1.7 please - it bugs me that this comes up in my update checker as "out of date" still :P
  • ok i havent worked on this in a long time, since then i have learned much more about php and coding so i thinmk it will give this another shot. I had also given someone else the source code and they were doing something with it and that was aboiut a month ago.

    expect notifications in the next version.
  • heres what v2.0 looks like so far;


    ok my installs kaputt and i have to leave now will fix in 7 hours.
  • hi y2kbg. the friends v2.0 looks very nice. can you upload your sourcecode somewhere? i like to test it and maybe add some features too. my users are constantly nagging about this feature :> regards, J
  • well i am working on it as we speak so i will have a version up within a few weeks
  • hi y2kbg. can you upload a preview version of the friends addon? else i also will program on that feature, because i should have added the friends feature by this weekend into my forum...
  • hmm well i have been working on speeches for school, and now i will be on a band trip to virgina (i am an ohioian) for 5 days. sorry for the wait guys, next few days i will post a comprehensive list of all planned features, and cross them off as they are completed.
  • So is this plugin ever going to happen??? Or, even better, has someone else got it to work properly on their system. I could do alot of things with a plugin of this nature.
  • i'd also like too see this happen sometime soon...
  • It would be great to see this come through, but it seems there's been no update since 1.7 in January.
  • Yeah, come on Zak — there seems to be quite a demand for this ;) I see that you were on the forum just a day ago, so even a status update on this would be great :)
  • hmm, it would take some digging to even look for the files... if someone wants them to work on ask, it needs some work. Since my community went down the drain i have had no reason to finish this, but a donation a may be a motivator...
  • Well, I don't have time to take this on, but if you could donate everything you have from work on 2.0 here, someone else *may* take it on! If you want I can host the files.
  • it would be great if someone could work on this
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