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    I couldn't agree more, I just dunno how to do it :P
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    y2kbg, if you find the files, would you mind uploading them somewhere?
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    how long 'til this is completely done?
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    Well i've tried to get version 2.0 from y2kbg, however i haven't heard a reply back or seen the package, so i just decided to went along and decided to modify Friends. And the result is Download Friends 2.0 Beta,to act as a compliment to a modified User Wall extension i also modified and posted up in the original addon thread.

    Changelog Friends 2.0 Beta:
    • Doesn't clash with members page extension, url links all automatically link properly
    • Can use as standalone members page listing
    • Aesthetic changes
    • Added ability to delete friends
    • New friends reporting
    • Table pagination, that's right pagination
    • Sorting, yup you read it, ability to sort columns
    • Various other stuff i probably forgot to mention
    Anyway i'm sure some of these stuff are long awaited, so have fun, and report back if there's any problems or some request and i'll see if i can fix them.
    Download Friends 2.0 Beta

    Edited: Posted up fixed version for page settings.
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    vanoob. You are awesome. I was getting an error until I set the number of friends per page.
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    haha thanks neverenderer, i guess i forgot to make the extension set a default number of members to list. Anyway that should be fixed now... And i've uploaded the fixed version as well.
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    is there a screen shot for your new Friends beta vanoob? Anywhere I can see it in action?
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    yay finally thank you
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    @lookhere, i'll see what i can do. i've done most of the testing on my local server atm, and plus there is alot of looks to the Friends Extension. i'll try to take a couple browser shots and post it up.

    There ya go some images.

    All members


    Mutual Friends
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    coolness oh yeah one thing when u view the icons of users in the friends section it is different than when u look at it in the normal forum can u fix it i use a big avatar and i like the part that the normal forum puts as my icon the friends list goes to the upper right corner while i believe the normal vanilla forum goes to the center of the picture see, if u right click on my icon and click view image it will be a bigger image did i sound really confusing? sorry T_T
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    it would be really really (really really really) cool if we get this buddylist with user icons for the profiles as well, such myspace alike, if you know what i mean. somewhere under those regular user informations.

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    If Vanilla ever starts looking remotely like MySpace I'm outta here! pic
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    it was a feature request wanderer , not a theme request :p
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    uploading new package now... version number will be the same just the date of the package is changed.

    @Hamed, okay that is a styling issue and i've fixed it up...

    @fery i have really no idea what you are talking about, vanilla profiles already come with icons being shown. and the buddylist only shows the icon if the user has selected an icon.

    @wanderer, man i so totally agree there.. the fact that friends and the user wall which i both modified, kinda provided features like myspace... *shrug* shoot me for that... but it does provide a level where users can intimately interact more with each other. And plus friends is more like a accounts bookmark hehe :).
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    The way I look at it, if you want to "...intimately interact more with each other..." you should be using email or a chat application or just get a hotel room! pic

    A forum is for community interaction, for the same reason I'm not too keen on whispers although they do come in handy sometimes.
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    i used the term icons for an avatar or a picture of a member, sorry :)

    other than, this would be one of the most wanted keyfeatures on my vanilla forum. and a final reason to not use invision power board anymore.

    something like this here (bottom/right)
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    Hi there,
    as I mentioned in the other post I was recieving:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function redirect() in /home/.pilar/xxxxx/ on line 180

    You gave the solution of replacing line 180 with:
    header("Location: ". str_replace("&", "&", $Url ));

    I'd like to confirm if this is correct as line 180 in default.php is:
    $sql = $this->Context->ObjectFactory->NewContextObject($this->Context, 'SqlBuilder');

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    what fery basically wants is to have friends show up on your profile instead of only on a friends page. which seems logical to me. thats how everyone else does it..
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    haha wow well i just found these files...sorry it has been so long... Actually since it will be winter again i *may* start to finish this thing, i see there has been alot of demand lately. Email me at y2kbugger at for Beta sourcecode if you want it.
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    @ Vaz, hehe you raise a good point there Vaz, hmm interesting how the error spew up line 180. But don't worry about replacing anything, if you just redownload the package again, i've fixed the redirect error, so hopefully it doesn't happen again. If it still does happen, please report it and i will try to debug.

    @fery, yes that feature does seem feasable, i've asked y2kbg for his version 2 source code so i will study that when i receive it and see what form of modifications i may make and once i've modified them to what i've done with my release and stabilized it. I will look into implementing the friends listing in the accounts page. I would assume you would only like to show Mutual friends right?
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