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This discussion is related to the JQmedia addon.


  • I know this sounds weird, but just this minute I disabled the jQmedia Plugin. Then I turned it back on but now the 'Settings' Tab is gone from the normal User-Accounts. While the media still seems to work. Thanks, done. Whyever...
  • bug...

    the media files show up even when text-only mode is enabled.

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  • That's because of the way it's done through JS rather than PHP. I guess there needs to be some kind of check to see if text mode is on and then respect it if it is.
  • edited: solved.
  • i just discovered that i cannot embed a video if 'format' is set to BBCode. it just appears as a regular text string. the actual video only appears if the comment format is set to text mode. this is a little counter-intuitive for users... can the extension please be modified so that any 'format comment as...' selection works? or is it a problem with my forum?
  • I'll look into this.
  • For the record, this also happen for text URLs (not linked) using both FCKeditor and TinyMCE.
  • i also just found another bug - i think. i posted a message containing a youtube video, embedded using the old BBcode method. vanilla reloaded the page once the new comment was posted, giving me this url: the ifilm clip further up the page, embedded with the new jqmedia media plugin, did not appear. viewing this url seemed to fix it. either that, or the act of reloading the page fixed it. there is definitely something weird going on which is causing jqmedia not to parse these clips at certain times. edited: just a thought - could an extension such as extended text formatter be interfering?
  • Can anyone know how to make the Mp3 Player show up when a Mp3 is uploaded to the server per Attachments plugin ? Please, it will be very useful option.
  • Is there anyway to stop JQmedia settings from showing up to other groups other then the admin? I have a moderator and senior member groups set up, both can see the settings to JQmedia.
  • Can this extension work with the Html Formatter?
  • Yep, I have both installed and running ok!
  • Have you made any modifications to the above? Maybe you misunderstood me... I'd like to format comments as Html and have the ability to add videos using JQMedia, cause now only links get posted - not videos.
  • Hmm I have BBcode insert bar, html formatter and jqmedia running. It shouldn't matter though, since JQmedia just parsers the url and embeds the player. No modifications have been made in mine, cept css changes.
  • Since MySpace changed the URL to their videos it doesn't work in JQMedia anymore. In order to get MySpace video's working correctly with JQMedia, you have to go into the JQMedia.js and default.php files and change all the instances of "" to ""
  • I accidentally installed JQmedia before the JQquery extension and now I can't seem to get the videos to work. I tried deactivating both, and reactivating the two extensions in the correct order but still nothing, here's my test thread:
  • sorry to say that this plugin is definitely hit-and-miss. after a few weeks' testing we've reverted back to the old bbcode method of embedding since it's too unreliable. i'm really not sure what is causing it to work on-and-off but it could well be the html formatter or something similar. also the issue of the plugin not working unless the post is sent in text mode is still causing confusion.
  • Has anyone setup a test suite with this extension that I could just hammer into my test site?
  • You can you my live site for testing, etc. It's not really being used by anyone except me. I just uploaded all 3 extensions to make sure I had the current ones.
  • here's a fix for the bug i mentioned above (JQMedia still works even when user is in text-only mode)

    in JQMedia/default.php, change line 64 from:

    if (in_array($Context->SelfUrl, array('comments.php','post.php')) {
    if (in_array($Context->SelfUrl, array('comments.php','post.php')) && $Context->Session->User->Preference("HtmlOn") == 1) {
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