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  • I figured outm that this ext. doesen't recognizing different youtube sites, like or, it is working only with simple url -
  • Uploaded version 0.5.1 of JQMedia to include the fix proposed by ithcy.

    Does anyone have a fix for the latest issue regarding lanuage targetted urls?
  • Pssst, shouldn't the version number have been incremented so that when people run their update checks in Vanilla it shows up?
  • Yeah. Probably. I thought about that but I wasnt really sure whether to increment it or not. Maybe i aught to.
  • Go on, you know you want to ;)
  • Uploaded version 0.5.2 of JQMedia.

    I've changed this version to include bugfixes for other issues reported in this thread such as the change from to, and also the issue of using language targetted youtube URLs. These changes HAVE NOT been tested however they are fairly minor so I don't see that there should be any problems with it.
    PLEASE will someone test this latest version to confirm that it's all working OK and that the fixes behave as desired? If there are any issues please post up in this thread and drop me an email so I can get them sorted.
  • This version doesen't work for me, however youtube links are not changed to vids.
  • So the version doesnt work and youtube links also dont? Isnt that likely to be linked?
  • Youtube videos no longer work... Any ideas?
  • Please, if someone Can attach previous version of this extension, I will be very thankful . New version doesent work for me (youtube) and I must go back to old version.
  • Whisper me an email address (or update your profile with one) and I'll gladly send it to you. pic

    Posted: Thursday, 30 August 2007 at 5:14PM

  • Would someone mind working with me to fix the bug instead of just avoiding it?
  • Mini, I can test stuff with you, but my coding skills are very limited. Still, I'll help where I can if you want.
  • ok. - najxnajx [at]
  • ok, i cant get this to work....

    installed and enabled the ext in the right order....turned off ALL other extension to make sure and test....

    here is the linky....any help would be great...thanx

    apply for an account real quick and i will accept it...
  • I can confirm that some of this is working, but less works than 0.5.1. MP3 seems to be working still, but not YouTube (I've only got.coms at the moment, none of the country specific ones).

    When I have a bit more time I'll see if I can find out why.
  • Hmm... doesn't seem to work now... It used to but I think it was the older version...

    Would be nice to get this working again.

    And it would be nice to get Stage6 videos added to this! ^_^
  • I've just done a fresh install and it's not working. I'm fairly sure i did everything in the right order but I wouldn't swear by it. Here's a quick link to a page with contains some videos - because I know you like to see examples.
  • Any know why my videos are not working now? Ever since the update its been messed up. Yahoo, google, ifilm, all are not working only MP3 at the moment.

    Anyone have the older version? I'd like these to work. ^_^
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