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This discussion is related to the JQmedia addon.


  • thanks stash - 0.5.1 seems to work fine
  • since this is a WIP whilst it's under repair I'd like to request a new permissions feature. I would like to only allow certain roles from being able to use this, and I understand that roles and permission is quite easy to add - so there's no harm in asking.
  • Thanks Stash, 0.5.1 works the best for me.
  • Good feature request conrad. But how about changing it to simply allowing users to disable it if they want? Since it is client side I can't see the harm in allowing people to use it.
  • I was also having issues with 0.5.2 not working. Specifically, YouTube and MySpace weren't being converted from the links.

    I installed 0.5.1 and everything works again.
  • here's an interesting issue when someone quotes the enclosure it seems to call some kind of missing image link - I'm sure it's just a simple tweak any idea?
  • Uploaded version 0.5.3 of JQMedia which should correctly add country targetted domains. Please test it and let me know.
  • OK, now works great, Thanks, good job.
  • I have "forced bbcode" installed and I can't post YouTube videos. Any idea how to fix this?
  • One way is to use BBCodeParser and use the [youtube][/youtube] tag ;) I know that's not exactly the answer you're looking for, but I don't have that :D
  • Too bad. I really like the simplicity of the "forced BBCode" add-on. It would be awesome if the JQMedia plugin worked with it.
  • JQMedia works by replacing html a href tags with embed code, as far as i can tell, so i think it should probably work. maybe. How were you trying to post youtube videos?
  • All kinds of ways: using the <a> tags, using [a] tags, using [youtube] tags... nothing seems to work.
  • Anything which results in a working link on the output aught to work (i think). Does the jqmedia extension work if you use the html formatter?
  • Hmm... i must have turned that html option off somewhere a long time ago... don't find where I did it :) Still looking.
  • It's an extension you know?
  • You'd need to download and install the HTML Formatter from in order to try using a standard html link in association with JQMedia and see whether it's an issue with JQM or BBCode.
  • IIRC Forced BBCode doesn't have any video support. Might want to take a look at either BBCodeParser and the unofficial 0.1.9 release I did for the insert bar and modify up ForcedBBCode along those lines. I'm sorry but I just don't have time to do it for you, but all the code's there.
  • what on earth is all that stuff in the playlist.xml file? looks like adverts for other sites and podcasts - is there any way to check if it calling home to anywhere?
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