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This discussion is related to the ModTools addon.


  • will check this out, thanks
  • Hi!

    Meanwhile I've started testing (on my live systems, because I don't have the time to get a testsystem up and running, and I realy need this mod)!

    There's an error if loging out:
    Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in [...]ModTools/default.php on line 79
    And many warnings when merging and splitting without selecting comments.
  • Uploaded version 0.02b of ModTools.
  • Tiggr fixed no more warnings and fatal error ;)
  • If you can get this stable enough for a 1.0 release, I will email you a hug.

    Excellent idea, BTW.

  • Now it works fine! Thank you very much!
  • Uploaded version 0.03b of ModTools.
  • Uploaded version 0.04b of ModTools.
  • this is really coming along nicely, but i've got just one request:

    would it be possible to have each of the things placed that are placed in the sidebar wrapped in their own div, with an #id to go along with them, for styling purposes? even if you don't plan on styling them, allowing the end-user to do so would be a great benefit. the reason i ask is because while using this on my test forum, a lot of the mod options sort of get lost in the sidebar, mixed in with the search boxes, who's online, discussion filters, saved searches, etc. if i could target the mod-tools stuff specifically, to set it apart (i was thinking possibly styling some of it to look more like a bezel, or something similar) it'd be a great help. again, i'm not asking that you style it, just provide a unique #id for each of the different panel items it adds so that they can be targetted.

  • Yes Gauzy you're right, I remember that was something annoying me, will try to see if we can get that styled nicely, or at least have unique #id ;)
  • Gauzy what are the extension that make go fuzzy the sidebar?
    could you post also a screenshot?
  • jawele, not sure what you're asking in that first question. if you're asking what extensions i'm using that place things in the sidebar, right now (signed in as admin on my forum) i see:
    quicksearch (just a search field)
    who's online
    category jumper
    discussion filters
    text-only mode switch

    currently i've got modtools disabled, but i enabled it to take a couple screenshots:

    this is what i see when looking at the discussion list. the option to start a new discussion as mod is kind of buried in the middle of other items. i'd love to be able to bump it up right underneath the normal start a new discussion link, and style it as such:

    this is how it looks when viewing a discussion. again, the mod-related stuff is shunted towards the bottom, styled like normal sidebar items. here, i'd like to move the start a new discusison as mod link (as described above), and move the other mod options to right under the normal lussumo mod actions (the 'options' menu). so ideally, the 'quickmod' and 'goto mod tools' headings would appear right under the 'options' menu:

    some of the stuff, like position in the panel, i know that's to do more with the code of the extension itself and not any CSS, so that's okay. i do think it makes a little more sense the way i described it (with similar actions grouped near each other), though, but i'm sure it's hard to co-ordinate panel positions among all the other extensions out there. but having some CSS selectors to be able to quickly identify/style the many parts of this mod would be a great help!

    if there's anything else i can do to help, just let me know!
  • When's the ETA on this addon? (as a post-beta)
  • @ Gauzy
    the side panel is controlled by a core function of vanilla (AddList) which I can give a position, and forced position as parameters,
    I tried to force stick together all modtools options... then if you want to position the modtools you need to tweak around with those parameters on the different extensions you got.... (that means find all AddList functions and tweak position params)

    @ vaz
    I guess you mean when is planned the final release of it?
    if so there's no plan really... the more feedbacks/suggestions I got the sooner the extension will be final

    so far seems to work properly nobody reported any weird behaviour with it.... give it a try ;)
  • @Jawele, yeah, i realize the position is controlled by vanilla and what people have in their sidebar is gonna be different. i'm fine with changing that on my own, all i'd really like is the CSS selectors :D
  • ehheh we all love those CSS selectors ;)
  • And how to integrate this with the Tabled theme?
  • any progress?

    don't wanna seem impatient, just curious!
  • I still have to fix the attachments extension with the mod tools...
    apart from this, everything is working fine... at least for me...and nobody is reporting any unexpected behaviours...
    looks like is on the road for 1.0 release....

    please report here any bug or weird behaviours
  • nope major bugs here, the only thing i'm really aching for is some way to style it all

    other than that, forge onward!
  • Hi, it's me again!

    I'm getting some php-errors at top of the the page when using the preview-extension and hitting the preview button!

  • thx for reporting Tiggr!
    will check that!

    please help to develop this and report any misbehaviors or bugs here... the more feedback I have the sooner I can start fix it and the sooner this extension will be ready for final
  • Uploaded version 0.05b of ModTools.
  • Now the errors with preview are gone!

    Thank you very much!
  • This is a really useful mod!!!

    Thank you very much jawele for all that work!

    I am sure that the hint you suggested to :
    "don't forget to give you the permissions to moderate!"

    saved me some time...LOL
  • blizeHblizeH ✭✭
    Hi there, just installed it at and I don't seem to have any options to merge/split threads etc? Any idea what the problem could be please?
  • "don't forget to give you the permissions to moderate!"

  • blizeHblizeH ✭✭
    Hmm, it's a bit confusing to use, how do I merge stuff? When I enter the discussion ID it throws up an error, the only thing I really want this extension for is the ability to merge/split really :D

    The requested URL /extension/ShowError&DiscussionID=3294&error=ForgetBoth// was not found on this server.
  • blizeH
    the ForgetBoth error means that you didn't put the discussion ID and didn't select any thread to merge,
    for merge you must know in advance the discussion id where you gonna merge... that's why in the discussion view you can see the discussion id with mod tools
    then you input the discussion id, and you select the checkboxes for the post you want to merge..

    hope it helps..
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