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This discussion is related to the BlogThis addon.


  • This happens with several extensions, when you disable them the permissions still show up in the User Permission options, even though they don't actually affect anything any more (IIRC Attachments and InlineImages does this too). I'm not sure if these values are stored somewhere in a table or in the conf files, but AFAIK you will ahve to remove them by hand - I've never seen an extension that removes/hides them on being disabled/deleted (don't even know if it's possible).
  • Hi Stash. I found the defunct permissions in the db table, but couldn't remove them without making a hash of it (ha!) In the end I dropped it and started over. I hadn't added much, so it was no big deal. If an extension can add things to tables, I'd have thought it would be possible to test for and remove anything on being disabled. Thanks for letting me know about those other two.
  • The problem is that most of the time you don't want things actually removed whe you disable a plugin, you just want them hidden. Often, if you have a problem with your forum or an extension conflict, you'll turn them all off and start re-enabling them one at a time to find the conflict, if you lost all your customisation at this point it would be really irritating. What you really need is another extesion that can hide disabled extension permissions on the permissions page :D I ahve no idea how you would go about this...
  • I tried asking about this in the AutoLinks thread, but maybe it makes more sense to ask here:

    BlogThis doesn't seem to work with AutoLinks. Example: Has anybody gotten these two to work together? Any ideas on how I might accomplish that? I'm not adverse to modifying some source code if need be, but any insight you can offer is much appreciated.
  • Fixed with AutoLinks v1.4
  • Hi guys, i have a big problem. I have a tweaked version of Vanilla and most of some extensions and recently i saw a bug. I didn't see it before because i wasn't testing the following. The extensions with the possible bugs are: BlogThis and Account Pictures. I have BlogThis configured to "Allow bloggers to have a freetext profile". As you may know Account Pictures is to allow users to upload an avatar. The bug is reproduced on 2 scenarios. Scenario #1 The user enters his "freetext profile" and after saving goes to change his avatar. Once he saves the Account Pictures form, his "freetext profile" dissapears. Scenario #2 Vice versa. Any suggestions? Thanks guys!
  • Its not working on Vanilla 1.1.8, thats a pity dude :(
  • Of course it works im stupid i hadnt given administrator the blog permissions :!!
  • Is there way to set blogthis page as frontpage, without rewrites enabled?
  • Any chance of this great mod being ported to V2?
  • Any chance of this great mod being ported to V2?
  • I'd also like to voice my support for porting this to V2.
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