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This discussion is related to the BlogThis addon.


  • RaizeRaize vancouver ✭✭
    Thanks Spode That works, but if I have the page manager extension enabled, it goes back to displaying the default "blog" text. I am also trying trying to get youtube vids and images to show up in blogged posts as they do in discussions. I am using "Make It Simple Text Formatter 1.12" by Gambit which is a very effective extension for this purpose. Is there any way we can apply its functionality to BlogThis posts? Or if it could just accept the "embed" code provided by youtube that would work too...any recommendations?
  • Hi Raize,

    That shouldn't be the case - it should work independently of the Page Manager. I have to fix a couple of bugs later, so I'll double check the code.

    I'll look into the video embedding - it is an issue right now that I know needs working on, but most things I've looked at are not simple solutions.
  • Now here is the final patch for MultiRoles support. It adds to extra sql statements where the comments are queryed and it replaces the comment counting when MultiRoles 2.0+ is installed. I look forward to see this in your extention spode. Thank you. Greetings elm PS Can you pleas display the fullname in the blog post if one is entered? PS2 There are two hardcoded strings. Can you add them to the definitions? Function.BlogThis.php: "BlogThis status successfully changed." and "BlogThis status not changed." Sorry for all that requests :) But I like your extension.
  • Hi elm,

    I'll add them to the list. I was going to work on it this weekend, but I'm feeling quite ill. See how I feel tomorrow.

    Problem with your patch - is I was going to convert the SQL to SqlBuilder queries as someone else has sent me them down, so it makes sense. I'll try and decode your patch file to see what is going on!
  • Uploaded version 1.13 of BlogThis.
  • Latest version now uses the CommentManager to request the comments. Therefore any extension that modifies the CommentBuilder SQL queries (which I *hope* is how MultiRoles works) should also work with this.

    Quite a few other changes too - see the ChangeLog for details. Thanks to Alexander Schepp for helping with the testing and pointing out some potential security issues.
  • Yeah spode, you are my hero :) Very nice, as far as I can tell after 2 mins testing it works like charm! Great Work!
  • Awesome. Awesome to the max.
  • Hi spode, I have an other question. I want to use Attachments 2 with Inline Images 1.4. Since BlogThis uses the CommentManager I thougth it would be compatible to Attachments but it isn't. Maybe you can give me a hint where to search to get this to work. Thank you.
  • Hi spode,

    This seems like a great extension, I checked it out on your sites and it seems to integrate really nice. Nice work.

    Having said that, I am having an issue, I get the following error message when I click the "blog" tab:


    Error Message
    An error occurred while attempting to retrieve the requested comments.
    Affected Elements
    The error occurred on or near: You have an error in your SQL syntax near '.CommentID AS CommentID, m.DiscussionID AS DiscussionID, m.Body AS Body, m.Fo' at line 1
    For additional support documentation, visit the Lussumo Documentation website at:


    I noticed "scotty" had a similar error msg and posted a fix, I went to try and make that fix but realized you had made some code changes and now that fix doesn't apply. Do you have any idea what this issue could be?

    I am running V. 1.1.5a


  • Hi Elm,

    From what I remember - the Attachments Code attaches images to a Discussion, not a Comment.

    I'm very tempted to fork the code off for Attachments to work with BlogThis and add in Video support too.

    Brad - I'm really not sure what's going on there. As you say, it works on all my sites perfectly.

    Drop me an e-mail and we'll do some debugging together - let me know what server you're running and what PHP/MySQL Versions.
  • I've looked through the posts here, and I didn't see an answer to this question; however, if it is there, and I skipped it over, forgive me... I'm looking to make multiple blogs, but not in the sense of the "&BlogUser=userid", but in the sense of two or more blogs on different subjects, which I can assign posts to separately. So, Blog A & Blog B could have their own tabs, and, with the proper role, I would be able to assign a post to either Blog A or Blog B, or both. I could do it where I made users such as "blogA" and "blogB", made tabs, and set it up that way, but I want to make these collaborative blogs that I can assign posts from any users to, if possible. So, any hope for me? -David
  • Hi David,

    That sounds a little complex. Filtering by Category may well be the closest you can get to this. I can't remember if I included category filtering in the code or not - if not I'll add it into the next release for you. Then you could manually add two tabs (via Page Manager) with the category filtering in place.

    - Spode
  • RaizeRaize vancouver ✭✭
    Feature request for next update:

    Is it possible to have blog posts archived by month and year like other blogging platforms? Well in actuality they aren't really archived, links are automatically created in the side panel based on what date the post was made.

    Kinda like this:
  • Hi broddy, thanks for this excelent extension!!! I have a problem. I have installed your extension and this one as well When I browse discussions, the extension Make It Simple Text Formatter works very well. But it doesn't work in your extension. Do you get me? Any tip on how to make them work together?? Thanks
  • RaizeRaize vancouver ✭✭
    Hey bochenn, I got around this issue by using HTML Formatter

    It's not as user friendly as the add on you are trying to use, but at least it allows you to embed youtube videos and images in your blog posts using html tags. Good enough for now!
  • To get it working, I would imagine you need to edit the extension and add "extension.php" into the code.

    I've been thinking I *might* have a plan that will stop this issue :)

    Raize - feature request taken onboard. I might liaise with you on e-mail on exactly how you want it :)
  • Thanks, Spode, can you explain me a little bit more on how to get this to work? I'm not a big user of PHP. Thanks
  • Hi Spode, is there a way to add manually (in a post) a code to break the content so in the blog will a show up the link Read More? I really need this. Thanks
  • RaizeRaize vancouver ✭✭
    Go into settings, under Blog settings. There you can set the maximum number of words to show, after which point it will break the content into a Read More link. I hope that's what you meant...
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