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What editor do you use?

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What editor you guys use to edit your php files with? I use editplus which only uses a color scheme, but are there any autocomplete editors? which can see php classes as real objects? (Like Visual Basic)


  • I use Crimson editor on windows. On linux I use bluefish, sometimes gedit. I'm not really satisfied with bluefish and gedit so I'll look into something else. Also, phpedit is a disaster for me. But most of my editing work I do on windows as that means I'm designing and therefor I need to check in IE.
  • 3stripe3stripe ✭✭
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    Smultron for me on OS X

  • josjos
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  • jEdit it's cool and for all OS'
  • I use Zend studio for the most part. Costs a good bit, but if you do it for a living then it's worth every penny.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
  • Seven responses and no love for Textpad?
  • Notepad.
  • Textpad when using windows.

    Smulton when using my Mac.

  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Komodo handles php oop intellisense the best of all the editors I've used. It wins hands down for that reason alone.
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    editpad, but I will probably switch to something better soon.
  • hear hear bergamot, textpad all the way (although how long has it been now since they put out a release? it's definitely not perfect :) )
  • Macromedia Homesite 5.5 (previously Alliaire) It's pretty good, very light weight and has all kinds of autocomplete and a quick menu functions.
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    i just purchased BBedit for my massive coding projects (its for MAC OS 10)
  • SciTE (linux and windows)

    and VI of course.. ;)

  • I used bbedit back when i was a mac addict, and i was brill all that time ago - but i had a look again recently while doing some contract work in a mac only design dept and it really hasn't progressed much in the last 7 years which supprised me as it was always a very forward looking piece of software. The PC boys were still stuck with notepad when it came out.
  • Notepad2 for most of my stuff... Dreamweaver when I am doing a lot...and Scite on occassion. When in linux I use gEdit and Bluefish.
  • moemoe
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    VIM. (the first 4-8 weeks you hate it, doubt that you'll ever grok it. then you start wondering how you ever lived without it)
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