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Issue Tracker Development Help

edited August 2010 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
I do not think it would take much to get this off the ground and functional please anyone who wants to help feel free to do so!


  • Well, downloaded it and will toy with it, but I'm a novice, so don't expect much ^^

    Would like to see this working, though :d
  • Yes, me too a novice, thanks!
  • I would love to help in terms of taking it for a test drive; not sure I can help in terms of programming; but I'll give it a shot! :-)
    I assume you've seen the version for Vanilla 1 (Issue Tracker 0.3 by Maurice Krijtenberg aka "Jazzman") which I have and still use for multiple clients. There are only a couple of things that needed to be addressed with that version, but it worked/works great for many different situations and environments. I for one would be very excited if something like this could be developed further! Please let me know when/where I can help.
  • Let me know if I am way off base but I believe that

    1. Assigning issues to users, could be as easy as bookmarking a discussion for a user.
    2. Discussions have open / closed status' is there a way to add more statuses?

    I am not sure if that makes any sense at all what I am trying to do is repurpose current vanilla functionality to minimize custom code work. I am learning as much as I can but I am still a coding beginner, I was using the old issue tracker as well, then I dove in to 2.0 because it was soooo cool, now that everyone that used to use the old issue tracker loves the new interface they just want a way to assign projects / issues to users and to change the status of an issue.
  • does anyone know how to get the $DiscussionID of the discussion being viewed at that time as a variable easily?
  • Ok, guys I did some of the hard work, however there are some major red flags in my mind. I am not a Vanilla Programmer, and am still going through the documentation. I added functionality using straight up MYSQL and PHP code, it works but I am sure it is not ideal. Please download, and help me

    1. Improve it
    2. Make it Vanilla Standards Compliant

  • j brown, may I suggest looking into the "Quotes" or "Quote Selection" Plugins? These would have variables in them to Identify the $DiscussionID, which should be something like $DiscussionID = $Sender->Discussion->ID, though I am not exactly sure if this would be it or not.

    The SQL is the most complicated part of the whole garden system, IMO, though I would check to see where in the Database the Status of the Discussions are kept. My guess it is an ENUM value, however, and cannot be modified except to replace the original column.

    Hope this helps!

    Good Luck.
  • yes, your right the sql is definitely a hurdle not sure how to proceed here, I may have to sit down and learn more about sql and garden I will take your advice though and look at these plugins to see if there is anything useful thx
  • I'm using the original Issue Tracker to keep track of maintenance issues for a car wash company that I work for part-time. I've got a lot of computer experience but it's almost all hardware so I'm afraid that I wouldn't be much help in writing the version for Vanilla 2. I've done a little hacking on the code to modify it for our use but it's ugly.
  • LincLinc Detroit Admin
    I highly recommend starting a repo on GitHub if you want more help with this.
  • Help with "Status". It doesn't show the status of the bug report. Just shows "Status".
  • Here the sample code I wrote for public function Base_BeforeDiscussionContent_Handler($Sender) .

    Before all, in your locale-xx-XX.php add these lines :

    $Definition['Statut_Resolved']='Résolu / Fixé';
    $Definition['Statut_Hold']='En attente';
    $Definition['Statut_Pending']='En cours';

    And in the plugin's directory, find the default.php and replace the content of the function called Base_BeforeDiscussionContent_Handler by these lines :
    $SQL = Gdn::SQL();
    $datas=$SQL->Query("SELECT * FROM GDN_UserMeta, GDN_Discussion WHERE GDN_Discussion.DiscussionID = GDN_UserMeta.UserID AND GDN_Discussion.DiscussionID = '$DiscussionId' AND GDN_UserMeta.Name = 'Plugin.Issue.status'");


    $value = isset($data->Value) ? T('Statut_'.$data->Value) : "Statut";
    echo ''.$value.'';

  • Second a github repo and maybe install issue tracker on a public server and use it for it's own development. That way people can see it in action and find out what issues they can help with.
  • If you don't have the resources for hosting a (demo) issue tracking server, I could "sponsor" you a subdomain at, but for security reasons I couldn't give you access to the server (I just don't know how to secure it against system() and so on), so you would have to tell me which plugins and so on to install...

    Or you could just sign up for free hosting such as (square7 is german, maybe you should look for another hoster :D)

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