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Notification on new applicants

edited December 2010 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
Hi, I installed Vanilla 2.0.16 yesterday. New users should be approved by the admin. As in the former versions, I don't get a notification, when a new user registers. Can I change this? Can I delegate the confirmation of new users to a moderator? I set the permissions but he can't do so.


  • edited December 2010
    did you inspect your own notification preferences first?

    EDITED: sorry @cdavid is correct, I had forgotten that WordPress is doing the registration for me via Vanilla SSO ProxyConnect and so it WordPress that is notifying me NOT Vanilla. But I seem to remember that some notification was happening when I was only using password authentication. It certainly gets into Recent Activity, so could be a notification via an RSS feed and Growl etc.
  • @DavyB i can see no notification preference for being notified when people want to sign up and are waiting for approval. Can you please point me to where?

  • The other notifications seem to work correctly. It's only the one I mentioned above.
  • I am also having this problem. I have my SMTP email set up and working for other notifications, but I can't find any way to receive new applicant notifications. Was this functionality removed?
  • I just upgraded to Vanilla from version 1.1.10 and I'm having the same problem. I am getting password reset emails so I assume my email is set up correct, but I'm not getting emails telling me that I have new applicants like I did in 1.1.10. Am I overlooking a setting?
  • I've installed Vanilla and I'm also noticing that the new applicant emails are not being sent out, but other emails are being sent out, e.g., member has been approved.
  • The latest version is, why are you still on especially with new installations? Check if your problem still persists with please :-)

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  • Just upgraded from 2.0.11 to As far as I can tell, there was no notification of a new applicant in 2.0.11, and there still is not any in Seems like a pretty basic feature that should be included.
  • Yep. I just upgraded to from and there is still no notification of new applicants.
  • Sorry to bump an old thread, but is there any plan to implement this functionality? I would really like to get an email every time someone applies for membership.
  • Same issue here on (and has subsequently been an issue back on 2.0.16)
  • LincLinc Detroit Admin
    Yeah, definitely doesn't send emails for new applicants. I have no idea if that feature is planned right now.
  • If not sending a notification email is intended behavior, then it's a bug that should be fixed. At the least, an option to chose notifications should be added.
  • I have and new users are not notified when they are approved. Although during the sign up process they are promised they will get an email if they get approved.

    Now I'm trying to figure out an alternate way to let everyone know they were appoved. Any ideas? Can I send a bulk email to all new users?
  • My users are notified when they get approved. What I want is that an email is sent to the admin when a new applicant filled out the form and awaiting approval.
  • I am going to jump on too - I think this is very important to get an email notice on new signup, especially since the reCAPTCHA isn't working right now and I'm forced to do approval instead.

  • Just wanted to know if anyone has found a solution as I have the same problem as the posts above. Thanks
  • FINALY after some hours of search, its bad codded but can safe you like it safe me :)


    Line 791 put
    mail('[email protected]', 'titel', 'message');

    So it send you email each time that sombody register put the admin email.. So its hard bad codded but runnig for me :-)
  • Thank you it is also working for me. Its not perfect but it does the job.
  • Does this go on the end of the existing line 791, or after it (on 792)?

    My existing line looks like this..

    $this->View = "RegisterThanks"; // Tell the user their application will be reviewed by an administrator.

    How do i work this line in without breaking it? :) cheers
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