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Changing the colors of the theme i am using



  • lololol.... ok... can someone answer my question? lol.. or do this for me??? @422

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    How did you deploy your forum, via your host?

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  • I did not. i used the online things to build it...

    I signed up through bluehost and do everything from the website...

    This is where i put it together. there is no personal info... you can log in...

  • if you wanted to see, create an account and i'll make you an admin for the moment so you can see how i did it. if you are not familiar with this part of vanilla...

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    Do know what ftp is?

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    Im out of this conversation I havent got the time or patience to wait 10 - 30 mins between replies.

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  • yes..i store is ftp.. i build it using dreamweaver.

  • sorry. someone knocked on my door.

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    then using ftp goto your domain, and where your forum is located, explore the files. You should see a folder called default ( under themes ) do you see it ?

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  • going...

  • will the forum directory be under another category?

  • oh found it.. it's under public ftp

  • ok. i have public_ftp > themes > default

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    In themes is a folder called default yes ?

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  • i am there... see it.

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    ok , now go back into the folder themes. You should see three folders listed.


    Embed Friendly and Mobile


    Now goto the themes section of this website, download a theme ( @who606 said use the annotate theme , so download that and UNZIP IT on your computer.

    Open the zip file, and upload that folder to > themes directory.

    Then in the dashboard , goto themes, select the NEW theme you just uploaded.

    Then in FTP, navigate to that theme, and in design folder OPEN custom.css file to your computer.

    THIS IS the file you edit. THIS makes your site look a certain way, play with it.. then come back in a few days when you have learnt a bit about customising everything

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  • i have a quick question. i have posts and such in the forum.. will this erase those or will they be fine?

  • do i put it in the themes directory or the default directory?

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    it wont touch them, and from what I have seen of your forum, you have little to lose.

    css is client side ( cascading style sheets ), if all goes tits up, you just reupload the ORIGINAL custom.css file from the theme you downloaded.

    Your forum, displays data from server side, so no problems. However you sound like a complete noob, so will prepare our Nuclear Bunker just in case

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  • edited July 2012

    in this download, there are several files. do i upload them all?

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