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E3 Baby!



  • Oh and anyone want some Solid Snake with your Super Smash Bros.?

    Awesome? SSB series has been my favourite since the first one for N64 and it will just get better, and offering Snake as a playable character makes the deal even sweeter, even if I don't like the MGS games, I wouldn't mind make a BRAWL with him :)
  • And apparently one of Snake's moves will be hiding in the cardboard box.
  • I'm surprised no-one's mentioned Halo 3 yet. That trailer looks amazing, especcially so considering it's an in-game render.
  • I never was that impressed by Halo and it's siblings, I found the first one neat but after that it's just more the same just like MGS games, the first one was a blast but the ones after that were exactly the same.
  • Halo = overrated.
  • Halo is like CounterStrike; not necessarily the best multiplayer console fps, but since it was the first most halo-fans played, they just stuck with it.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Kosmo, I think the whole reason why "Epic won't (or in this case can't) make games for the revolution" is because it's not nintendo's style. While I'm sure the unreal engine in the past has been used for a few nintendo games, you need to remember, out of all the games you remember, how many of them were as violent and full of gore as your typical unreal/quake game? The answer is probably zero and maybe one (that's a big maybe). Nintendo makes kid stuff and games geared towards the younger crowd, and all the other consoles are more or less geared toward the "bigger kids" in us all. Not to say that Nintendo is for "kids only" as many adults love some of the games, but you're not gonna find an ultra-violent title on their systems any time soon.
  • lech: I don't think that's the reason at all; Nintendo got rid of its draconian censorship policies a decade ago. While they tend to focus their first-party development on family friendly titles, they had no problem at all with Red Steel and Necro-Nesia on the Wii, Eternal Darkness and Resident Evil 4 on the GC, or Conker's Bad Fur Day on the N64.

    A far more likely explanation is that UT2k7 is mainly a tech demo for the new Unreal engine, and the Wii just doesn't have the processing power to make it look like they want it to.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Bergamot, there's that too, but I honestly can't recall any games on any past Nintendo systems where the objective of the game was to spatter your oppenents across the floors and get bonus points for clubbing them with their own appendages all while wallowing in their intestines and so on. But I think you get the point, they don't exactly endores the blood, guts and gore category like with most epic titles :) And games like Resident Evil, while being mildly scary, aren't exactly what I would classify as being full of gore where blood spatters across the camera while you tear into an opponent at close range with body parts flying everywhere. Epic has made it pretty clear that UT2k7 won't run on most older systems, I'm sure that the revolution didn't fit into the equation at the time of development, or at least Nintendo didn't come to epic and say "here, make a game for us". We only know for certain that it will be out on PC and Xbox before anything else because the xbox is the closest thing to the PC unlike other consoles and everyone knows that. It's only a matter of time though before they start porting things over. Know what I'm saying? :D
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    Sony's press conference was APPALLING. From the lack of any good games to the guy showing off the tilt-sensor by moving his arms around in circles, it was just sad. They didn't even get much applause from their own audience. MS on the other hand has gotten some great games on the 360 and the 360 itself has always been a very well-polished console all along. And then there's Nintendo. I'm not even a fan of Zelda but just watching them play it on stage made me want to get a Wii and Zelda. I just hope Nintendo sees a good influx of FPSs on their system, because that controller is just dying to be used by them. So many gameplay opportunities are opened up. Sony is screwed, though. For the price of their high-end PS3, you'll likely be able to get both the high-end 360 and a Wii. Not to mention they completely gimped their low-end model - limited outputs and you can't even use memory sticks with it. Just some absolutely moronic choices. Who the hell is going to spend $600 on a system that isn't even demonstratably better than its competitors? By the time the PS3 launches, MS may very well have sold 10 million 360s, Nintendo will start off with a roar, and I have no idea how Sony will have a chance. I didn't get a PS2 because I thought it was a piece of crap compared to the Xbox. I loved my PS1, though. Now the reigns have been taken from Sony and all they can do is watch and try to make excuses. They will be extremely lucky if the PS3 doesn't end up costing their company millions or billions of dollars and running one of its few profitable divisions into the ground.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    I seriously think Sony missed the mark and price range of what qualifies as a console and what qualifies as a pc. I took a brief look at the tech specs and it seriously is a little more than what a game machine should be and the price tag is laughable. I think that we could be getting ahead of ourselves though in this kind of speculation, and hopefully the PS3 could become the xbox killer it was intended to be, who knows.
  • Lech are you actually saying that UT2k7 is more gore than Resident Evil 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4? You really should play the games before you open your mouth, 4 shizzle. The MOST violence UT2k4 has is the gib animation and even that is just bunch of red balls flying around, everything in it is more gothinc than ultra violent or gory, Resident Evil has people with half of their face rotten away and they try to rip your throat open while blood sprays all over the screen. And what about Mortal Kombat? Even Call of Duty is more violent than UT series, it involves an actual happenings (ww2) and people in that game actually look people. True Crime anyone? Dead to Rights? Killer 7? Hitman? MGS? Spartan? Geist? The Suffering? Eternal Darkness? All M-rated games just like UT. I rest my case.
  • blizeHblizeH ✭✭
    edited May 2006
    The BBC is following the trend of extremely positive comments about the Wii demonstration at E3, I've got to admit it, the big N are really starting to get their act together recently, the NDS is fantastic, a complete breath of fresh air, the Wii name announcement caused a huge stir and got them a lot of publicity, and now a fantastic showing at E3... things are certainly looking up for innovative gaming! Even my mum bought up gaming at the dinner table before, and aside from a few games she's never been that interested in them, I was amazed at how much she knew about the three consoles, all due to the BBCs coverage I guess, seems like gaming is finally getting the media attention it deserves! I'm extremely dissapointed with Sony though, I love my PS2 to bits, it's probably my favourite console right now with games such as ICO, SotC, the Nippon Ichi titles, God of War, Katamari Damacy and so on but at E3 they were extremely poor to say the least, and the way they've essentially ripped off an aspect of Nintendo's controller that they branded 'gimmicky' is a joke, just glad they didn't get any applause for it ;) Microsoft were pretty impressive too, however unfortunately not a lot of the games that get released on the Xbox consoles really appeal to me that much, but Lost Planet, Alan Wake (PC release sometime?) and Gears of War look absolutely great, saying that I do play my Xbox quite often for the more generic sports/racing titles, it does those extremely well.
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    Just out of interest, does the ps3 allow you to play ps2/1 games? I'm guessing not if it's packing a bluray drive? In which case i think that's likely to kill it's followers even further - there were people who bought the ps2 because it would carry on playing their ps1 games for them and they could buy newer games as they went along; which i think was a great idea on behalf of sony (ok they dont get so many people buying a ton of games at step 1 but i'd suggest more people bought the console than would have otherwise if they didnt run backwards compatible). If theyre not doing that anymore it really does look pretty dire. Naturally there will still be thousands of people who flock out and buy the ps3 because 'omg its teh new playstation' but just based on what i've read here it does look like nintendo are in with a chance to pull in to place.
    Purely out of interest, does anyone have any stats on MS:Sony:Nintendo user bases?
  • PS3 will be backwards compatible with PS1 and PS2 games. Sony published a list of games that are supported, other than the ones on the list the support is flakey. Revolution is backwards compatible with GC games and has an extensive back catalogue of downloadable Nes, Snes, N64, Sega Genesis and TurboGrafx 16 games. Xenon will be backwards compatible with Xbox games.
  • I can't wait to get my hands on some Wii action. That Wii controller in my hands will make control feel so fluid. Well it looks like it will anyway. I hope there's a good game using a Lightsaber (Lightsabre?).
  • Lightsaber if you are talking about the Star Wars Lightsaber :)
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  • Lightsaber if you are talking about the Star Wars Lightsaber :)
    Damn straight I'm talking Star Wars!
  • lechlech Chicagoland
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    Kosmo, I wasn't saying that Resident Evil wasn't at all more or less gore, than your average fps style games, but most of the games you mention were probably no more or less gore filled than your average pg-13 movie. While meant for a "mature" audience, sure, the violence in most of those games wasn't anything someone would consider "mindless", "wreckless", or "out of control", like most other titles that never reach the platform. To me, personally, they seems a bit weak, decent games, but if I had to select one for "gore factor" they would all get about a 4 out of 10 on that scale when stacked next to a proper PC game with seemingly unrestricted content. Seriously, Duke Nukem 3D and Doom1/2 had more gore than some of these games on the Cube... And that was a decade ago! Also, we don't even know much of what the actual mindless violence or gore even looks like in ut2k7 yet, sure there's videos, but it's nothing like a good first hand look.

    I rest my case :D
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