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User/Content deletion doesn't delete the connected Tags under & Ideas

phreakphreak VanillaAPP - White label iOS and Android App MVP
edited December 2013 in Feedback

Hi all,

Under, if discussions are deleted through deleting the user > remove all content (for example discussions created by spammers) the Tags remain in the DB and are showing on the forum in the sidepanel. Also deleting tags with needing to "Ok" or "Cancel" it, could take a lot of time. Would be cool to administer this more easily.

:: Anyone has an idea if i can delete the Tags via the Database, or do i kill convergencies with the discussions then. Otherwise it's horrifying to kill 600 tags (made by Spammers) in the backend.

:: AND Tags accept entities on the end of word like "tagsname," or "tagname)", which does also hinder to create a valuable tagging system.

:: It would also be a good idea to make the tags sortable by popularity in the backend. So it's easier to see which ones are popular.

:: Deleting tags makes the plugin in the backend jump back to the first page. This makes it very click heavy to work in this section. Would be better if there is no page redirect.

:: One more: Renaming tags does now lead them to error out if the tags already exists. A adding routine would be very cool here. Let's say with a car based forum and have the tags "TIRE" and "TIRES". It would make sense in this an many other tag managment cases to rename the "TIRE" tag into "TIRES".



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