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Onward to 2.1b3

LincLinc Detroit Admin
edited March 2014 in Releases

I'd like to release beta 3 at the end of the month. The issues I'd like fixed for 2.1: https://github.com/vanillaforums/Garden/issues?milestone=4&page=1&state=open

The "Almost Done" tag indicates issues that are fixed in the 2.1 branch but not merged back into master, I believe. So, for the purposes of this discussion, they're closed.

These are the types of things I'm prioritizing for 2.1:

  • Issues in core functionality (registering and posting)
  • Issues in the setup / upgrade / migration process
  • Issues that will be experienced by most users, repeatedly

Things I'm less interested in:

  • Issues that are merely annoying or have a workaround
  • Issues against architectural elements / sub-systems
  • Issues that will only effect the administrator

2.1 is far enough behind master branch that we want to prioritize release over perfection. If that means some folks want to hang back on 2.0.18 a little longer until the first patch release, that's fine. We'll iterate once we achieve some momentum.

If you have a strong argument for something that needs to be in 2.1, I'd love to hear it, but code will speak far louder than words. :) I'll be reviewing pull requests this weekend.



  • regarding the first one issue point, especially what was working in 2.0 but degraded in 2.1 Often you have already fixed it, but it may not be in the announced 2.1

    grep is your friend.

  • LincLinc Detroit Admin
    edited March 2014

    Had a busy day. What's left on my short list now (6 issues):


  • x00x00 MVP
    edited March 2014

    there was some things to do with editing comments in place, becuase that go its own view for some reason, and the same hooks weren't there. Don't know if that is fixed.

    grep is your friend.

  • x00x00 MVP
    edited March 2014


    views/post/edicomment.php is missing the magic of views/post/comment.php

    grep is your friend.

  • I will submit a pull request just not today.

    grep is your friend.

  • LincLinc Detroit Admin

    @x00 I've already fixed that in 2.1 branch; I back-ported all Button Bar / comment form fixes up to present.

  • I think it's awesome that we're getting a new beta!

    As long as all jQuery / ButtonBar stuff is working and we know all the DataBase updates separately, so we can help troubleshoot the upgraders, we'll be ok.

    Next fun part is to test upgrade from Beta2 to Beta3, heheh and fill the docs.

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  • It's awesome to see a new update coming out! @Lincoln and the Vanilla team, thanks for your hard work! Good job!

    Add Pages to Vanilla with the Basic Pages app

  • great thanks.

    grep is your friend.

  • chanhchanh OngETC.com - CMS Researcher ✭✭

    Historically, how many beta cycle before it will be in release version?

  • LincLinc Detroit Admin

    It varies widely. I'm fixing to jump from beta 3 straight to RC unless major issues are found.

  • peregrineperegrine MVP
    edited March 2014

    suggestion - when you release 2.1b3 can you put stuff analagous to these three posts in the discussion thread in your announcements....

    summarization by Dr. sommer, general info, and change log.




    then you can avoid a thousand follow-up questions.

    I may not provide the completed solution you might desire, but I do try to provide honest suggestions to help you solve your issue.

  • I would suggest you to put ur time on most important thing and that is SPAM. Everything else is waste if ur community is attacked by spam. Google will penalize ur site too, cause spammer is bombing then to your site.

    There is still not a good solution for spam. If you need to read like 15 threads to just get some suggestion which is not working, then something is wrong. I left my community to die, just cause i couldn't protect of spam. The reason i came here to write this is cause I got your email, and just wanted to give a suggestion. Protect the community from fckgn SPAM already!

  • Regarding spam, there are some things that could be in the release, like protecting the profile by default, and making it easier to integrate anti-Spam measures.

    However quite a lot of it comes under the web master's responsibility. But the strategy is very much dependent on the community, and implementation.

    People have to understand the nature of spam and for some thing like manual Spam, there virtually no way to to prevent it.

    It is a mixture, of putting the maths in you favour (many captcha, fail to do this), create a moving target, obscurity, and disincentives.

    grep is your friend.

  • I agree with @shtefcs, spam is a serious issue. I am also affected, and considering switching from Vanilla to other software. I had to spend a lot of time looking into the anti-spam plugins (that should be included and on by default IMO). Even with these plugins and a captcha, etc, we still get a lot of spam that I must manually delete.

    I don't see why its so difficult to deal with honestly- at least in all the cases I have seen, there is a very common trait in that all these spam posts include URL links to external sites. Why can't the forum flag anything that includes an external link as spam and exclude it by default until a moderator approves the post? It could be made more fancy to apply to a new user's first posts only (Once a post is approved by a moderator, it won't flag future messages by that user as they have been "verified" to not be a spammer). This alone would be incredibly useful and would handle 100% of the spam I currently get.

    Thanks for considering and keep up the good work! Hopefully I can stay on board with Vanilla..

  • @stonemonk that is a feature that you could do but it isn't really a different story, for other forums.

    It just transfer the spam from one list to another, it is presentational and it may be better, but you still have go the spam to check.

    A common solution not allow new member to post links. These kind of solutions belong in pluigns. if people want to professional solution, I'm happy to oblige, but they need funding.

    But if the if is automated spam, then they will continue trying anyway, you have to say one step ahead.

    I'm not saying there is not a lot more that can be done out of the box, to prevent weakness. Such as the activity spam. But some of it doesn't really belling in the core, it is for the webmaster to decide.

    grep is your friend.

  • Hi guys. Exciting times and I'm grateful for all of the hard work you and those active in the community have put into making it more accessible to newbs like me. I am actually just ready to launch my first Vanilla community hoping to do so in the next month or so. That being said, after reading this thread here b3 appears to be the final stage of beta testing so I was just curious if there was an approximate timetable for the final 2.1 release as i'd prefer to wait for that until I switch over?? If its too too tough to tell at this point, no worries on replying, just thought id try to gauge how close it was.

  • hgtonighthgtonight ∞ · New Moderator

    @GMoney said:
    ...an approximate timetable for the final 2.1 release as i'd prefer to wait for that until I switch over?

    It seems like they are trying to kick it in the butt. There was a an allusion to it being released by summer time, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Meaning, stuff happens.

    Good luck with your community!

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  • @GMoney If I were you, I would not wait for the next update to start my community. Vanilla is an awesome platform but a new one and the dev community is nowhere as big as say phpBB, so dev takes time. Me and many other Vanilla users are waiting for the next release for over 1 year now (I had somewhere commented that it could be a Christmas gift, back in 2012). So, ya. Stuff happens.

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