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LiveSearch 1.1

edited October 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Ok.. I was bored and created this small extension. It adds a LiveSearch box to the panel. Depending on which page you are (discussions, comments or users) it will search automatically for the right type. If you have any suggestions put them here :)

Extension: LiveSearch 1.1


  • The man's a machine!!!

    Excellent! Installed and working well.
  • Comfirmed to work flawlessly :). Good work man
  • wow that is swwwwweeeeeeeeet!
  • Heck yea, thats a sweet add-on. That's what I love about this platform of message board/forums software. You have the ability to add-on different abilities and options for the user. You almost feel special (as the administrator and user) when you install a brand-new add-on. Well, thats the experience I've been having all this weekend.

    Thanks again to Mark for the wonderful, easy-to-install and easy-to-use software! :-)
  • Works an absolute treat. Thank you.
  • edited July 2006
    Sweet Add-on, works great.. my only concern is that some users might get confused... most people see a search box and type whatever they are looking for being in the Topics, Comments, or Users. It would be great if the user were able to choose what kind of search it is... so basically same as the vanilla search, but with the "live" feature, and on the left column. GOod work though!
  • That can be arranged :) I've made it to auto-select the type, but it's easy to implement the radio-button-thingies :)
  • That would rock!
  • Jazzman - What may be better to do is have the "change search type" options in a drop-down box. Perhaps when clicking the search icon (magnifying glass)?
    Having the radio boxes causes it to take up so much room on what is becoming a rather cluttered panel. And the hide feature doesn't work.
  • I think radio buttons, or maybe a dropdown menu would be great! Really it's the only reason I haven't installed it yet.
  • Yeah, I will think of a nice option on how to select the search type :)
  • I personally like it the way its programmed to work.
  • Why it doesn't work? I've just debug javascript but in doesn't work
  • Your forum search works for me (with Opera 9).
  • Maybe it doesn't work only with Firefox? Yes with Opera 9 works well.
  • If the Firefox extension Firebug is active the live search doesn't work because there are errors... now I try to correct them
  • it cant be firefox can it as it works on my localhost in firefox however it doesnt work on that forum link above or on jazzmans site in firefox
  • a_ja_j
    edited July 2006
  • Ok, I found a bug... when I was developing, I was doing it on a windows machine.... so I made a case-sensitivity error:

    In the livesearch.js check the last line:
    window.onload = livesearchInit;
    should be:
    window.onload = liveSearchInit;
  • @Jazzman,

    Not sure if that was pointed at me, but I fixed the line nonetheless, and am still experiencing the same problem.

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