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LiveSearch 1.1



  • Well that's not good. Here are links to the actual files (take the "s" off the .phps extensions before using)
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    Hello all! I've added Multisearch option to the LiveSearch extension. Thanks go out to Bergamot :) You can disable it in the settings.php if you prefer the old style.


    Version 1.1 - 09.07.2006, Jazzman
    - Minor change to javascript due to case-sensitivity issue
    - Added Multisearch option (thanks to Bergamot)
    - Configuration settings are now in a separate file
    - Added readme.html to the package
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  • lechlech Chicagoland
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    nice, no more "livesearchInit is not defined" errors :)

    also I'm a little puzzled by this line, Jazzman:
    $Context->Configuration['LIVESEARCH_USE_MULTISEARCH'] = '1';

    I think a small ammount of code commenting could clear up any questions about what each of the options do. While most are pretty self-explanatory, I'm not exactly following the multisearch option.
  • great work, Jazzman! I love livesearch. PS - how is the dating website coming along?
  • Not that many progress this week :) but tnx for asking. I hope I have more time next week :)
  • I have been looking in recent months at creating a free dating website myself here for my part of Ireland. I looked at phpfox, phpizabi and datemill. Those were the best ones that I could find (I researched many many more). Are you building your dating script opensource on the lossumo framework? Your work (based on the extensions that I have seen) is top class.
  • great extension!
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    hmm........livesearch works beautifully for me in Firefox, but throws up an error in Internet Explorer.
  • Works for me IE on your site... CSS should be changed though.. it's hard to read :)
  • works for me as well..
  • thanks for the feedback, lament and jazzman. what versions of internet explorer are you using? My friend in reno, and myself both cannot get livesearch to work in explorer. It works in Firefox, and Opera.....but not explorer. And the same holds true for your site, Jazzman at ie livesearch works on it when viewed with firefox or opera....but won't work when I view it in explorer. As soon as i type in a character in the box, an error is displayed by explorer - Line: 132 Character: 3 Error: Automation Server can't create object Code: 0 This is the exact same message that I get on my own site. Wonder if my explorer settings are to blame......then again my Reno friend can't get it to work either. :( PS - re the CSS being hard to read on my site - I am using YOUR theme, and I have not changed one line of css on it. My site looks the exact same as yours! LOL
  • My IE..

  • strawberry, what are you using for the google banner on your site
  • I also use IE 6.0
  • gasface, the google adsense extension (by jpmitchell) code is available, 4th post down at: Note to Mark and jpmitchell - I wasn't able to find the above extension in the add-ons section of this site.....this is a very good extension and others will find it invaluable.......well worth uploading it to the add-ons.
  • thanks lament and jazzman for the feedback......I am on 6.0 as well....and windows sp2. i must take some time later and see if it is my settings in explorer....i do have a lot of stuff unenabled.
  • I have a similar or same problem as a_j was talking about. I just tried LiveSearch 1.1 but it didn't fix the problem.

    The search works well in the "Discussions" page. But when I go to a specific discussion and try the search the page goes all messy with my header and tabs appearing multiple times on the page. Also in "Account" page the search displays a "Not Found" error with a message: The requested URL /vanilla/account/extensions/LiveSearch/ajax.php was not found on this server.
  • Sorry to say, Mania, but I never got it fixed. Had to do a fresh install of vanilla and re-install the extension.

    Is the path it's displaying in the error correct? I mean is that where the ajax file is? I don't have an "account" folder at the base of my vanilla install...
  • a_j: I don't have an account folder either so I don't know...

    Do you have it working now after the fresh install?
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