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LiveSearch 1.1



  • yeah, after the fresh install, the livesearch works great. I'd suggest you do that, if you can.

    It's strange that it's looking for the ajax.php in /vanilla/account/extensions/...

    before you do the fresh install, though, you can try to turn off the extension, delete the livesearch folder from your server, re-download a fresh livesearch, re-upload to your server, enable and see if it works then. it didn't for me, but it's worth a shot.
  • I'm still having the same problem as Mania with this extension. I've uninstalled, deleted, reupped the new version, and reinstalled. But I get the same thing when trying to search on a discussion's page. Its like its reprinting the entire page in the results. Any ideas? I'd really like to not have to reinstall my entire forum to get this extension to work.
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    Yeah.. I just decided not to use this extension until someone (jazzman?) figures out what's wrong with it.

    I see 'strawberries' has a problem with the extension too (you can see how it messes up his styles when using livesearch on a discussion page:
  • yes Mania, it works great when i use firefox or opera....but on explorer, livesearch messes up everything. I thought it was just my pc.....but i am using my cousin's pc here at the minute, and the same problems are there when i look at my site. I am going to take livesearch down in the next few days.
  • strawberries: actually, I am using Firefox ( and it looks messed up also.
  • checked, and i am on as well....looks fine here and on my other pc, using firefox. as a little experiment Mania, what does Jazzman's look like on firefox and explorer? He uses the same template (he designed it) as me.
  • Jazzman's is fine in both Firefox and IE..
  • a_ja_j
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    If you want to use the extension in the meantime, you can turn off livesearch for the comments page, and still have it available on the discussion and account pages.

    Change this line in LiveSearch/default.php:

    if( in_array($Context->SelfUrl, array('index.php', 'comments.php', 'account.php')) ) {


    if( in_array($Context->SelfUrl, array('index.php', 'account.php')) ) {
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    thanks lament. here, on my cousin's pc, my site in firefox works fine on the main page ie but on individual discussion pages, livesearch causes problems eg on on explorer here, the same is true - ie livesearch is fine on my main threads page.but when you go to an individual discussion page, it breaks the site. Mania also sees that same problem at my site. So whatever the issue is, it is fine on the main threads page, but comes to light when you use livesearch on any of the individual discussion pages. Ruddy nora, it's a real who-dun-it mystery! :)
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    thanks for any help.
  • on explorer here, the same is true - ie livesearch is fine on my main threads page.but when you go to an individual discussion page, it breaks the site.

    ahh.. yes it does. :(
  • thanks for the feedback, lament. Hopefully, the issue will be fixed soon.
  • wouldn't it be good to disable the search tab if live search is being used ? Can't really see a need for having both
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    New to the forums and just thought I would mention something that might help people out when using LiveSearch. First of all my hat is most definitely off to the developer of this plugin as it is absolutely awesome work!! I did have one slight qualm with it thought and that is when it comes down to Strict XHTML valid markup. There is one missing element on the form. As it is using Javasript to do its fancy business this means that it is missing the action="" parameter. To fix this I opened the 'default.php' file and added the action command into line 44 (I think it was that line) so that it looks like below : <form name="frmLiveSearch" method="post" onsubmit="return liveSearchSubmit()" action="#"> This gets rid of the XHTML error and I could not see it having any adverse effect on the plugin so I have left it in for now. Hope this helps someone and if this was the wrong thing to do then please let me know what would be the best option to fix this as I simply love to make Strictly compliant websites nowadays. Best wishes, Mark
  • The "live search" is the best and efficient searcher I have ever use ,it is fast and cool...Thank you ,guy. But it seems not friendly with userinfotip .The userinfotip cannt work once "live search" be enabled. If it possible to make them work at the same time,thanks first!
  • <i>on explorer here, the same is true - ie livesearch is fine on my main threads page.but when you go to an individual discussion page, it breaks the site.</i> yes it does. :(
  • Yup, same problem here, works fine on the main discussions listing, but breaks when actually viewing a discussion. Anyway around this please?
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