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  • ^ You haven't read any of the discussion above, have you? :)
  • doh!! guess i missed that one ;-) call me dufus
  • a_magical_me - Jul 6th 2006
    Being able to sort search results by "Most Recently Updated" would be helpful.

    yes, please
  • Just a small suggestion. I find it annoying that clicking a link to download an Add-on uses some JS wackiness to kick off the download. This is annoying because I don't actually want to download it to my desktop. I have a terminal open on my server and just want to copy the link location and use "wget". I would guess that many people are in this same position.
  • How can it be any easier than simply clicking a link and letting the browser do the work?

    In any case, could you right-click -> copy link then paste it into your terminal?

    I'm forever being asked for ways to make things easier, rarely do I get asked to complicate something so simple :-)
  • I agree with emiller.
  • @emiller: my guess is that your problem applies to very, very few people. But if its a problem for you, perhaps that's enough for the altruistic wanderer!
  • lol@Wanderer errr, you smart ass I wish I got my phd in simplemindedness ;-)
    I'd say most people are afraid to touch anything terminal, I would even bet that only a small number of people use one, the future is for widgets and interfaces easy and quick, you advanced thinkers are going to have to get use to point, click and press
  • emiller - the reason for that is so mark can do stuff like download tracking. If he provided a direct link then people like you would mess up the statistics. It's not cause he just wants to be nasty. If you have any ideas how he can provide direct links and still manage tracking stuff then I'm sure he'd be interested to hear it.
  • It would be perfectly possible to download the addon and 'track' the download in a single php script execution.

    Although if he wanted to keep the current configuration he could add a secondary link under 'Download' called 'direct download' or something, which points directly to the download script/file.
  • @ emiller: That would be better to be able to use wget, but you still can use lynx to download it on your server.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    edited September 2006
    What minisweeper said.

    And for the record, there is no javascript involved in the download button. The link takes you to a php page where it records your click and then delivers the file. And there is a direct link to the file on that page should you need it.
  • doesn't work either with wget. Someone explained why, but I don't remember.
  • A search for 'wget' turns this up:
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    I'm open to ideas - seriously. I just need to be able to track downloads.
  • After downloading an add-on, all the links on the page are useless, they don't work, I have to use the browser back button to continue.

    Anyone else noticed this? (OSX 10.4.7 & Safari)
  • edited September 2006
    yes that's correct on Safari same here, its as if the browser goes into freeze mode
  • edited September 2006
    Oops. I just figured out that the problem I've been having with wget was entirely my fault. I feel so stupid.

    Regarding content-disposition, I'd call it a bug with wget. Fortunately, it seems to be fixed in wget 1.11 beta. Now I just have to wait for Debian to add it to the stable repository...
  • wget --post-data=AddOnID=###
    You will get a file named "index.html?PostBackAction=DoDownload" but it is a zip file of the extension.
  • edited September 2006
    I suppose it would work if the link (to use if the download didn't begin) to download the extension could be:
    Instead of

    with the following rewrite rule:
    RewriteRule ^addons/Download/([0-9]*)/[^/]*.zip$ addons.php?PostBackAction=DoDownload&AddOnID=$1.php [L]
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