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    R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    Is your forum somehow connected with your WordPress installation?

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    Nope, it's completely independent, different account on the same server, different database.

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    R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    Phew - I would have been the wrong guy if there was jsconnect involved!
    But as I've said before, I'll not be able to look at that until next week

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    Well, whenever would be much appreciated, let me know!
    In the meanwhile if anyone else has a theory, I'd love to hear it!

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    R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin
    edited July 2014

    I haven't forgot about your problem...

    1. What you are describing (a user isn't on the PC for an hour and afterwards only one of the threads is read) is impossible with a sane installation
    2. None of your plugins could create such a strange behavior
    3. Your CSS modifications couldn't cause that issue (btw.: I guess .New .Title a:after, .Unread .Title a:after {color: red; content: " *";} would be more precise)

    I see 2 possibilities:
    a) one or some of your core files is corrupt. In order to test that possibility, you should download a fresh ZIP of Vanilla 2.1 and do a file diff with your files from your server.
    b) your database has been corrupted somehow and I wouldn't know any way to test this.

    I've written a small plugin that writes additional info to the UserDiscussion table (the table that is responsible for showing discussions as new or unread). Additional infos are IP and client (and lookup string but I guess that isn't really interesting). There is one catch for that plugin: it uses an event that doesn't exist. In order to use it you would have to change the file /applications/vanilla/models/ class.commentmodel.php: insert at line 483 (should be before the Fuzzy way of trying to automatically mark a cateogyr read again comment) the following lines:

    $this->EventArguments['CountComments'] = $CountWatch;
    $this->EventArguments['UserID'] = $Session->UserID;
    $this->EventArguments['DiscussionID'] = $Discussion->DiscussionID;
    $this->EventArguments['TotalComments'] = $TotalComments;

    I would activate that plugin, let it run for a few days so that there is enough info gathered and after that ask your users to report back to you whenever they face that issue, and before they open such a discussion. You can do a lookup in the GDN_UserDiscussion table if the call has been made from their IP and their browser. That might be a first hint...

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    Thank you: I'll give it a go.

    I think I've found a logic to the threads that are appearing marked as read.

    This was a Vanilla 1 forum that was converted to Vanilla 2 (and later 2.1), and I think that the threads that are appearing marked as read are threads originally created in the Vanilla 1 install that was imported some months back.

    The reason that it looked random is because it happened on the first comment on an old thread. So, as soon as someone comments on the thread to say 'this was marked as read for me but I didn't read it, what gives?' the thread now has enough Vanilla 2 comments and starts to behave normally.

    I'm going to do some more testing to try to confirm this, but if it is that, then at least we know what's going on.

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