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FeedReader extension: comments and questions

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In my forum I needed an extension to show up our common links in the sidebar. So, I developed this extension that does exactly this: reads any RSS/Atom/RDF feed and displays titles and links in a side panel.

FeedReader extension

It should be able to read RSS, Atom and RDF feeds without problems.

It's labeled as 0.3 since I'm still working on it: I have to improve something here and there, plus improve customizability.

I'm also trying to make it as modular as possible. At this time in this package you will find that the fetch, parse and cache operations are handled by separate classes, so you might find useful to reuse the code for other extensions. Plus I'm working on an "easier" way to add Settings Panels.
If you're an Extensions developer, you might be interested on the classes ready inside this package.

If you want to give some feedback, it will be very appreciated. :)

Thanks a lot to SirNotAppearingOnThisForum since I've used its FlickrFeed extension as a base for mine (main code, RSSCache, Snoopy).
Thanks also to everyone that's supporting this Extensions and helping me to find bugs.


  • Great extension, folletto! I put it on my website tonight and it works a treat. Tho I did try various rss links that I found across the web and all threw up I ended up going back and using an rss link from the main url in your default.php page. It works really well. Many thanks!
  • Yes, great extension folleto. Thanks. It works fine, with the default feed, however, I'm getting the error: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/.../public_html/forum/extensions/FeedReader/default.php on line 138 after changing to the feed source. Any ideas?
  • I can't seem to get this extension to work. I've activated it and changed the feed-adress. The fetching seems to work, because the cache-file contains my feed.

    But it doesn't show in my forum. Do i have to edit somthing in the theme?

    Here is my forum:
  • @strawberries
    If you could give me the feeds that doesn't work I'll try to get them working. :)

    I need if possible the feed source, still I can do something already with the current error. I'll see. :)

    The theme shouldn't be cause of any problem, since I'm using standard functions. Could I ask also to you the feed causing the problem? With the feed does it work?
  • LoOkOuTLoOkOuT
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    I've tried a few, but this is for the wp blog I'm developing now:edit Thanks for your help.
  • Hi folletto!

    I have tried to in the "Attach"-section of default.php to use the one feed that is commented. On line 126 ( But there were no change. The feed still didn't show...
  • Hi again foletto!
    I've just installed the extension AGAIN. Now it worked! The shows up... I've must have done something wrong earlier...
  • As soon as i changed the feed from to my own ( it disappeard. I've checked the cache-directory, and the latest cache-file is from my feed with my content... strange? What could be the problem?

    As you have probably noticed, i'm no expert. :) So i'm thankful for all the help i can get...
  • Great stuff... There was a similar feed reader ext in the older vanilla. The ability to alter the title and length of feed cached was in there. Possibility in a future update? Cheers
  • There was a similar feed reader ext in the older vanilla. The ability to alter the title and length of feed cached was in there. Possibility in a future update?

    In fact, it's in 0.1 release due to this: I've got to make a few improvements before labeling it 1.0, those two are in the list. :D

    At this time I'm trying to manage the bugs above, improving the cache and the parser and adding a preferences panel. :)
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    Folletto, sorry for taking over a day to get back to you, but I had to look out some of the typiacal rss feeds that I had tried with no luck. They are all travel/vacation based feeds. Here are three - I pasted three variations of each feed. GLOBENOTES FEED url: RSS2HTML link: RSS2JS (<script src="...">): HOBOTRAVELLER FEED url: RSS2HTML link: RSS2JS (<script src="...">): TRAVELLERSPOINT FEED url: RSS2HTML link: RSS2JS (<script src="...">): Any tips at all would be welcomed. And thanks again for a great extension. I have it working over at my site:
  • Thank you very much. I'll check them out. :D
  • Hey there I too found the bug with your feed reader (which is cool btw). You built it using the delics guys RDF based feed which is different from most RSS based feeds where you have the FOREACH loop you have $x->document->item becuase the RDF feeds list their items outside the channel RSS however lists inside the channel node So I changed it to $x->document->channel[0]->item and now it works for RSS However ... an improvement I'm tinkering around with is auto detecting the feed type (RSS, RDF, ATOM) and processing accordingly
  • LoOkOuTLoOkOuT
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    @Mr K: You're a genius... well, a very intelligent and kind man. Thanks for sharign, that sorted it for me ; )
  • me a genius? (cough cough) now now .. ha ha :) No no .... I just happend to stumble apon that while hacking the FeedReader into the PageManager to create a new page that reads feeds rather than a panel insert It's given me an idea for a new extension I'll try to create over the week
  • Thank you, at this time I was working on the Settings Panel in order to make the extension configurable. :)

    One of the steps needed to be the detection of the feeds, if you are already doing something like that as a standalone class based on XMLPlainParser I'll skip that part and work on something elese. :)

    I have to say that adding a panel is quite "hard", so since I'm already working on this I'm also creating a class to easy integrate a Settings Panel. Will be in with the next release of the extension.
  • LoOkOuTLoOkOuT
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    Mr K. that sounds brilliant. Good luck. @folleto: Is there a way to limit the amount of posts that the extension lists in the Control Panel, to, let's say, 3?
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    Ok, version 0.2 is online... it should be able to read Atom, RSS, RDF now.

    I'm quite there also for the configuration panel. At this time it just shows you the feed URL. ;)
    For the configuration panel it's based on a meta-class that makes "easy" to create a configuration panel. It's in "beta" but still I'm quite there.

    @ LoOkHerE
    As soon I'm there with the Settings Panel it should be a configurable option. Incoming... ;)
  • to behonest I've not had a chance to tinker much yet ... so I'll go grab your version 0.2 and see what you've done. Maybe you already are doing much of what I was thinking ... in which case I'll let you do it :) he he he
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    great work folletto and great tips, Mr K. gonna download the new version now. Many thanks.
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