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Vanilla 2.6 is here! It includes security fixes and requires PHP 7.0. We have therefore ALSO released Vanilla 2.5.2 with security patches if you are still on PHP 5.6 to give you additional time to upgrade.

Question about addons/standards/Vanilla

R_JR_J Cheerleader & TroubleshooterMunich Moderator

YES! I've managed to get it working with PHP CodeSniffer in SublimeText and also with NetBeans. It's really fun see your editor/IDE telling you that you haven't commented enough, or have forgotten to delete a space and all that!

But I'm unsure if I should use it. Something like discussionController_beforeSave_handler looks too unfamiliar and I cannot imagine to use $discussionID (or $discussionId?)

What would you recommend: waiting for 2.3 where - if I understood it right - that should be standard or use it right now?



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