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edited February 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Can you make an option for the thumbnailer to do all subdirectories recursively?
Or something similar...


  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    edited July 2005
    Wow. I can't believe I never thought of that. What an awesome idea. Seriously. I'll definitely do that for version 1.4 *creates new tadalist*
  • haha. Well i just did like 15 directories on my server and after clicking it a few times it got a little tedious...
  • I'd also love it if you could build in an uploader (and maybe even a password-er), but i guess thats more at your discretion.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    edited July 2005
    I'd also love it if you could build in an uploader (and maybe even a password-er), but i guess thats more at your discretion.

    For that, I would leave to a cms/cvs type of extension for vanilla. I have a rough idea on how to do this, but it would be severly limited to what the default php upload limit is.
  • hmm. Well yeah, integration with vanilla would be cool, it'd be nice to be able to have it as a filebrowser extension too - i'd really like to be able to offer friends/family/customers the ability to upload photos to share (and then perhaps set some for different people through passwords etc) - i could write the basic thing myself, but making it fit in nicely and look as good as all marks stuff does would be impossible for me :(

    Perhaps for v2 you could consider extensionising the FB, mark?
  • an uploader for fb would be great anybody out there know of a good php file uploader I could repurpose for fb in the interim.
    good things
    -multiple file uploads
    -zip file uploading (and unzipping)
    -password protecting
  • indeed dfareed, there are tons of php uploaders out there if you google for them, not many have those features though.

    I'd be willing to push small sums of money/beer/hookers marks way if it'd help the cause...
  • there are few things I wouldn't be willing to do for that cause.
  • google results and are pains in the neck to search through
  • How about a 'base folder' configuration line - i.e. i want index.php to be in my www root, but the lowest i want it to browse is /images?
  • edited July 2005
    So Mark wants to make money and people want 'bout you start a Discussion with an idea and people can keep pledging cash until it hits a level that's worth his time. :)
  • oh my god that would be perfect if we could get filebrowser with an uploader. what about something like the celerondude uploader?
  • Oh dear me, no! Please, not an uploader... that's why I use Filebrowser! So I can just dump a directory in via FTP or rsync and it Just Works. No other product does this; don't ruin a good thing!
  • well obviously you wouldnt *have* to use the uploader, it'd just be an optional extra. Filebrowser should run extensions like vanilla.
  • Does Mark have paypal? We could ALL pitch in a little for the things we are most after, and he may be more inclinded to do this instead of his job :P
  • there is a method of donation which you can find out about on or, i'm sure he'd be more than greatful for a donation. I'm sure he's already more inclined to do this than his job but until donations pay $XXXk/year his job is probably more useful to keep the bread on the table.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff :D
  • Will do. <wanted_feature_at_lussumo> You (and other developers) could create a 'reverse bounty' and assign a monetary value for a 'wanted' feature. The community could then donate (or pledge) a portion of the bounty, and when the limit is reched, the developer creates the feature/ request. Thoughts? <.wanted_feature_at_lussumo>
  • nathan, that's called ransomware. Lots of people do it.
  • You could use, I've seen a few rpg designers put games out after using that site to ransom them. If I had some money I'd definately put up some bounties on my 'most wanted' extensions :).
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