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Vanilla versions and APIs

Hi, I'm trying to working out how to use vanilla forums and it's API. The end goal is a fully integrated forum engine (via SSO and API) into our site with no obvious 3rd party (ambitious I know). I have 2 questions:

  • The API at appears to be different to the one at Is there any relationship between the two or plans to release the the hosted version?
  • The add-on requires vanilla v2.2.x which doesn't seem to be officially released. Is there a timeline for this release or am I better off sticking with vanilla 2.1.x and api v0.1.0 for the time being?


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    x00x00 MVP
    edited January 2015

    Are you intending to use the hosted version? they have their own api, which another. So there are three apis, but the later is only the hosted, and the hosted only installs certain plugins.

    I think @Kasper‌ 's API is 2.2 becuase he using specific feature of that version. 2.2 will not be official released, it will go to 2.3. This is because even numbers are the hosted version, or so I'm told.

    The way that standard api work is basically any data that goes to render gets put in array when using the normal controllers, and that can be displayed as, a page, view, module can also be fetched. it can be outputted in xml, json, and html. Some data is base64 encoded.

    kasper's api is more about having an api base to do atomic operations I think. You can use API credentials as well as normal sessions.

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    We will be using the open source version. I've only just read the version control strategy on github so that kind of makes sense to me now. I also have not been able to get the tag up and running (Oops, something went wrong immediately after setup).

    This means the current best plan would be to use vanilla 2.1.x with @Kasper‌ 's api at 0.1.0 and extend the API if we need added functionality like badges etc... I think

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    They are good for different things. If you need to fetch modules, or stadard controller data the basic api works pretty well. If you want fine grained restful operations use the API app. It aslo depend heavily, if you are doing client to server or server to server.

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    KasperKasper Scholar of the Bits Copenhagen Vanilla Staff

    @iolo: Fair word of warning: My API application is not going to run on Vanilla v2.1.x even if you use v0.1.0. This version was simply lacking the proper addon meta but does require Vanilla v2.2.x as well.

    Kasper Kronborg Isager (kasperisager) | Freelance Developer @Vanilla | Hit me up: Google Mail or Vanilla Mail | Find me on GitHub

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    @x00‌ server/client depends on our SSO implementation.

    If I have to use 2.2.x, is the tag the best to go with? I'm currently looking at:

    • vanilla (now running thanks to some chmod kerfuffling)
    • kasper's API v0.3.0
    • jsConnect
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    what do actually want to do?

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    To be honest, we're still in the exploratory phase of the project, looking at both what we can do as well as what the software can do for us.

    This is what I eventually got up and running together if anyone is looking for a similar setup:

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    hgtonighthgtonight ∞ · New MVP

    I hear you mention badges. I plan on creating a YagaAPI plugin once 2.3 hits beta.

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    LincLinc Detroit Admin

    The docs represent a cloud plugin I don't expect to be released. There will be a unified API one day, but I wouldn't expect it before 2.5.

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