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Vanilla 1 and PHP 5.6

For more than 5 years I have been using a discussion forum based on Vanilla 1. Everything has been working splendidly! I have adapted one of the themes with colours and general appearance to fit our particular purpose. I have seen no reason for upgrading to Vanilla 2 - and wouldn't know how to change the appearance of the forum for it to look similar to the present one. However, now our web hotel is upgraded til PHP 5.6. This prevents the forum from being displayed and results in error messages that I am unable to interpret. Does anyone offer any assistance in making the necessary changes in the Vanilla 1 code in order to be compatible with PHP 5.6? I would very much like to continue with the forum we use today without having to upgrade to Vanilla 2 - thus avoiding all the troubles with changing design, functions etc. and the risk of crashing our database (5 years of data!)!



  • hgtonighthgtonight ∞ · New Moderator

    I don't even know where to get Vanilla 1.x.

    I would definitely suggest upgrading to Vanilla 2.1.

    Backup and you won't lose any data.

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  • Thanks for your reply! With som effort I should be able to adapt a standard Vanilla 2 theme to something resembling what we have now. My main concern is whether it will be possible to transfer all data to Vanilla 2 without loosing anything - or corrupting the entire database! Equally important is whether we can upload and display photos in the comments in Vanilla 2 (we run a photo discussion forum).

  • AdrianAdrian Wandering Spirit Montreal MVP

    @hgtonight on an aside, here is the info at the time when we moved to Vanilla 2:

  • AdrianAdrian Wandering Spirit Montreal MVP

    @KristianB I am not aware of anyone moving to Vanilla 2 from Vanilla 1 recently, but hopefully if you follow the steps on the new docs, the porter it should work.

    Upgrading from Vanilla 1 to Vanilla 2
    Install Vanilla 2 as a completely fresh install, and then follow the importing instructions to get your Vanilla 1 data into Vanilla 2.

    Good luck :)

  • Our forum can be found here: (chose TRÅDE in the menu). If the old data can be sucessfully transferred to Vanilla 2 we would hate not being able to continue seeing the photos previously uploadet.

    I have several web sites and think that I will try copying everything to another site and upgrade to Vanilla 2 there. If this is successful I can continue with upgrading at the original site. I hope that it will work.

  • AdrianAdrian Wandering Spirit Montreal MVP

    I don't see why it couldn't, just make sure you make a backup of everything before you begin :)

  • LincLinc Detroit Admin

    @KristianB Attachments are supported for the Vanilla 1 to 2 migration. I strongly recommend doing a test run on a copy of the forum before attempting to migrate your live site.

  • I am now doing a test run. I have made a fresh installation of Vanilla 2.1.8 and try to transfer the database from Vanilla 1. I have copied Vanilla2export.php to the existing web site, typed in all necessary info asked for in Vanilla Porter (2.1.7) but when clicking "Begin Export" I get an error message: Error: (2) mysql_connect(): Access denied for user 'borums_net'@'' (using password: YES)
    From the MySQL-dashboard of my internet provider I have full access to the database, can see all LUM_-files, make export etc. etc., but not when using Vanilla Porter. What could be wrong and what changes might be necessary to make it work?

  • LincLinc Detroit Admin

    You need the MySQL-specific username and password. Your general login for your hosting account probably isn't the same thing. Check the configuration files of your Vanilla 1 install to see if there is a different user/pass combo there.

  • Thanks for you reply. I have checked and re-checked User and Password, controlled that it is identical to the values in conf/database.php - unfortunately still without success. The latest error message is: "Error: (2) set_time_limit(): Cannot set time limit due to system policy ". I see no other option than to make an archive by converting everything to static html pages so that all pages are "frozen" and will be displayed as they appear today. Then I will install a new active forum based on Vanilla 2 in which all future activities will take place. Once again, thank you for all your advice and assistance!

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