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Embedded Youtube vids don't play

Hi all,

I just noticed that since 2-3 days embedded youtube videos don't play. When I press the play-button I always get the message 'there has been an error. try again later.'.

Anyone else with this problem? Using 'Mediator' plugin doesn't help. :(




  • rasteronrasteron ✭✭

    hey Stoertebecker,

    Just tested it and looks ok from my installation.. :)

  • Thx @ rasteron. First I got same error on your site. But now I know what was wrong. I changed something on my browsers 'noscript' settings. Now everything fine. My mistake.

  • rasteronrasteron ✭✭
    edited February 2015

    that's great and you're welcome, glad you sorted this thing out. :)

  • Interesting. I'm getting this very same error since about 12 hours ago. At first I thought it was because of ad-block, but no, the only browser I can get embedded YouTube videos to work in, including rasteron's test page, is in Chrome. IE, with no ad-block, doesn't work, nor Firefox/Opera with ad-block. YouTube videos work find on the YouTube site with or without ad-block. So I think YouTube have made some change, which certainly favours the Chrome browser. If the YouTube link bottom right on rasteron's page is clicked you go to:

    But it's a blank white page. Remove the nocookie bit and it works. So I'm not sure what is going on.

  • To follow up, it seems embedded YouTube videos here on the Vanilla site work okay. So I'm not quite sure what might be different here. Example:

  • rasteronrasteron ✭✭

    hey @sudden156 ,

    I see that this is still an issue that still needs to be resolved and improved. There are other better methods to embed Youtube videos and I could have a second look at it and provide my version when I get a chance.


  • Has there been any update to this situation? Any fixes?

  • It would be nice to hear whether anyone else was having this problem.

  • For my own forum, this problem manifested perhaps less than a week ago, and quite suddenly. It's precisely as the troubles above have been describe, and indeed, using Chrome fixes the issue.

    Strangely, this issue isn't affecting everyone on the forum, just a handful of people. For instance, I can view videos with all browsers just fine, but two of the members are unable to view videos without using Chrome. It's peculiar.

  • It's certainly something to do with the way HTML5 videos are now being served by YouTube, which was fine up until March 5. Embedded videos on other sites served by Flash are fine. But Vanilla 2.1 only gets video by HTML5 rather than Flash as it was in the previous version, so far as I know. But I wonder why for you it is a patchy problem, affecting some and not others. Admittedly I am an upgrade behind and need to attend to that, are you fully up-to-date in your Vanilla installation?

  • I'm currently using version 2.1.8p2, assuming that's the latest version. I can view all the videos across multiple browsers without an issue on my own machine, yet others for reasons beyond me cannot.

  • I wonder then whether it is a regional issue due to changeover from Flash to HTML5. Although, having said that, people on different sides of the world on my site are reporting the error. There people have started posting the YouTube link using the link button as well as allowing it to embed, for the benefit of those who, like me, refuse to use Chrome. I notice that when an embedded HTML5 YouTube video doesn't work but I watch the same video via the link on the YouTube site the video is always served there by Flash, despite the fact, as we've been led to believe, that YouTube is now supposed to have adopted HTML5 as standard, at least in some browsers: 'The site will now use HTML5 video as standard in Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, Safari 8, and in beta versions of Firefox.' From:

    So perhaps we are in the vanguard of the change and others have this error to look forward to.

  • This HTML5 browser test may explain why Chrome can handle whatever changes have been made at YouTube. Firefox 36.0 scores 449 out of 555 points, whereas Chrome 41 scores 518. IE 11.0 is only 336.

  • Some good news: you don't have to use Chrome, embedded videos play in the new Vivaldi browser from the fans of the Opera 12 browser, a very interesting new project now in its '2nd Technical Preview' stage, scoring 511 on the HTML5 test. Led by the former Opera CEO.

  • ceerayceeray New
    edited March 2015

    videos with the nocookie domain stopped working for me about a week ago

    this looks like a clue!topic/youtube/6JmM2mr_r10

    I just checked and they work in chrome but not in firefox (os x)

  • rasteronrasteron ✭✭

    btw, standard embed works though..

  • Considering how important Youtube videos are these days in sharing information, hopefully there is some sort of fix in the works for Vanilla Forums; a lot of people are suddenly being excluded, and I wish there was something I could do for them aside from telling them they need to use Chrome, or some obscure browser that they may not trust.

  • I'm still wondering why the video I posted up above on this page works in Firefox and IE on a PC though. I've just checked and see that that video is being played by Flash rather than HTML5 in those browsers. I have no idea why I can't receive Flash videos on my own forum. What does the Vanilla forum do differently in this respect?

    I've tried videos on a few other Vanilla forums and they get the same error. I've given up bothering and have just adopted the Vivaldi browser, which can handle YouTube's HTML5 videos and is a breath of fresh air in the generally dumbed-down browser market.

  • @rasteron Standard embed doesn't work for me, same error with the iframe code from YouTube.

  • rasteronrasteron ✭✭


    try playing this page on firefox and let me know if it works for you.. (tested on FireFox36 and IE10)

    It's not yet on vanilla but it can be converted to a plugin..

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