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Making mentionslookup work with mentions+

This discussion is related to the MentionsLookup addon.
AaronWebsteyAaronWebstey Headband AfficionadoCole Harbour, NS ✭✭✭

Just an FYI of what I did to get usernames with spaces working in mentionslookup.

  1. Install/configure mentions+ as per that plugin's instructions
  2. in mentionslookup::query.js, in a few places where I saw that the mention was getting inserted, I changed

'@'+mention+' '


'@"'+mention+'" '

This of course assumes you're using double-quotes as your mentions+ delimiter; you would have to change it based on how you set up mentions+. Hacky, but works (seems to be my motto around here - I just barely have time to put out fires, let alone work on plugins :( ).

I think in my version of mentions+ (0.12), I did this or something like it on lines 386 (inputCaretInsertMention) and 402 (frameCaretInsertMention). There may be other places I should be editing, but it seems to work so far.



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