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How to Disable Commenting on Custom Activity Types?

ShadowdareShadowdare π Moderator
edited May 2015 in Development

I would like to disable commenting on Article and ArticleComment activity types.

I have defined those activity types in the Article app's structure.php file with:

$ActivityModel = new ActivityModel();

This creates two new rows in the GDN_ActivityType table with the AllowComments field set to the default of 0 (false).

When I insert a new activity with either the Article or the ArticleComment activity type, I can still leave a comment on the activities when comments shouldn't be allowed. It's the same on both an admin account and a normal user account.

I see that the comments link for activities doesn't have any logic to hide the link if AllowComments is set to false. Reference:

Is the AllowComments property being ignored and simply not used in the code, or is there another way to do this?

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  • LincLinc Director of Development Detroit Vanilla Staff

    Wow, yeah, looks like AllowComments is a dummy db field that either didn't get implemented or got supplanted by a calculated value. I don't have a good suggestion on this one.

  • hgtonighthgtonight ∞ · New Moderator

    Huh, I didn't even think about this when I was creating new activity types. Good find @Shadowdare.

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  • businessdadbusinessdad Stealth contributor MVP

    Possible trick: implement a handler for ActivityController_AfterActivityBody. In it, set the following:

    // Keep $ID empty (line 75)
    $Sender->EventArguments['Activity']->SharedNotifyUserID = null;
    // Keep $ID empty (line 77)
    $Sender->EventArguments['Activity']->CommentNotifyUserID = null;
    // At this point $SharedString should be empty as well. Set $Activity->NotifyUserID to 
    // any value greater than zero
    $Sender->EventArguments['Activity']->NotifyUserID = 12345;
    // Now $AllowComments = $Activity->NotifyUserID < 0 || $SharedString; should 
    // always return false, disabling comments
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