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Wrong URL Paths and User Promotion

This discussion is related to the Yet Another Gamification Application addon.
subdreamersubdreamer San Jose, CA
edited March 2016 in Feedback

I gave a user a badge. He did get the badge. However, when you click on the badge in the activity feed it takes you to (which I would like to just be However, that is a non-existing URL and it redirects you to the All Badges page at when clicked. The correct URL is When trying to delete the activity on the user profile and activity page is says 'The "ActivityController" object does not have a "xsanitize" method.|ActivityController|xsanitize|' so I had to remove the entry via phpMyAdmin.

Also, YAGA adds the "Ranks" link to the top navigation menu which appears to be a non-existing URL (

Furthermore, as soon as I manually gave that user the badge it automatically upgraded their rank to admin. However, I think it was because the auto award feature was enabled. When I attempted to disable the the auto award feature for that rank it showed the "Enabled" button twice. See this screen shot:

So what I did next was I click on the "Edit" button under Options and unchecked the "Automatically Award" and saved my settings. That seems to fix the/my 'issue'.

I am using Vanilla 2.2 and YAGA 1.0.0-alpha. Is anyone else having this issue?


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