Wrong URL Paths and User Promotion

This discussion is related to the Yet Another Gamification Application addon.
subdreamersubdreamer San Jose, CA
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I gave a user a badge. He did get the badge. However, when you click on the badge in the activity feed it takes you to http://masseffect.vg/yaga/badges (which I would like to just be http://masseffect.vg/badges). However, that is a non-existing URL and it redirects you to the All Badges page at http://masseffect.vg/yaga/badges/1/subscriber when clicked. The correct URL is http://masseffect.vg/badges/detail/1/subscriber. When trying to delete the activity on the user profile and activity page is says 'The "ActivityController" object does not have a "xsanitize" method.|ActivityController|xsanitize|' so I had to remove the entry via phpMyAdmin.

Also, YAGA adds the "Ranks" link to the top navigation menu which appears to be a non-existing URL (http://masseffect.vg/yaga/ranks).

Furthermore, as soon as I manually gave that user the badge it automatically upgraded their rank to admin. However, I think it was because the auto award feature was enabled. When I attempted to disable the the auto award feature for that rank it showed the "Enabled" button twice. See this screen shot:

So what I did next was I click on the "Edit" button under Options and unchecked the "Automatically Award" and saved my settings. That seems to fix the/my 'issue'.

I am using Vanilla 2.2 and YAGA 1.0.0-alpha. Is anyone else having this issue?



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