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Change Log Not Logging All

Hi there. Had an issue in my community today where a user with Moderator permissions was editing posts. I went to the Change Log (Dashboard > Moderation > Change Log) to revert those changes, but they didn't appear. I then did some testing of my own and it looks like anyone with Moderator permissions or above who edits a post (their own or otherwise) doesn't get logged. This seems like a massive gap in the functionality, as I want to especially be aware of what those with Moderator/Admin abilities are doing. In fact, if I could block anyone below Admin from modifying the Change Log, I would.

Am I missing something obvious in this functionality? A setting that needs to be ticked to log everything that I just can't seem to find? I also think the naming of this feature is wrong. Try searching for "Change Log". Maybe "Audit Log"?


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