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VFORG Theme - Can we still use it?

I had noticed somewhere here in the forum asking for the VFORG theme, and some replying that the theme CAN be actually used, but with different images (these ones are copyrighted, I get it).

I actually love this theme, and found it here: , however it seems like it is an older version of it.

What I am asking is:

  • Is there any developer who is working on it and has free time to update it?
  • Are the files (except about.php and default.master.php which names have changed) still the same, with same names and no more files, so someone like me could just copy the source from visiting the files in his browser and downloading them all one-by-one?
  • And last thing, would I be allowed to do step 2 by just using another images?

Thanks to y'all.


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