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The iPhone has landed....



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    @Sirnot iphone has custom chips from Samsung. they are not of the counter chips. Apple does custom chips for ipods as well. Steve said that iphones can core animation. now that requires a dedicated silicon to do that. Not powerful mind you, but dedicated one whose job is to just do core animation and nothing more. Samsung can make just the chips with dedicated areas for doing just core animation. So i'm pretty sure like 110% that iphone will be able to handle it.
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    gigingergiginger New
    edited January 2007
    You're making a lot of assumptions yourself.

    I'm just quoting what I'm reading. You're taking a quote and then extrapolating something else from that quote.

    Take heed of your own advice the product hasn't been released yet. there are still tons of questions unanswered.

    The questions that are being answered though aren't getting good answers. Makes you think about the answers to the other questions doesn't it? It seems that everything Jobs failed to mention in his keynote is turning out to be a reason to not get the phone. The question on standby time is really important. In fact, they released talk time and movie, audio playing times. Why not standby? Does it have some super awesome length of time or is it terrible? Judging from what I'm reading of late I'm going to have to guess the latter.

    Nice roundup
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    ur reading waaaaay to much into something that is 5 months to go before launch.
    u need to take deep long breaths, go to a spa or something and relax.

    he didn't mention standby time perhaps they still have to fine tune the device, they still have 5 months don't they. it isn't released for god sake.

    yes I'm assuming but atleast I'm assuming based on the time they still have and whether they can optimize it during that time or not. ur assumptions are based on the fact that the product is going to be released tomorrow and if u don't get the standby numbers, something horrible is going to happen . like an alien invasion

    I'll repeat one last time. chill, relax. All in due time.
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    If I was a hardware reviewer I'd be bitching about paper launches or some such :P
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    edited January 2007
    Ultimate iPhone FAQs List, Part 2

    Just got back home tonight after my week in San Francisco, and found ANOTHER several dozen questions about the iPhone waiting on this blog’s comments area!

    I promise that this blog isn’t going to become “all iPhone, all the time”–but I’ve read through your comments and compiled this second list of Q’s and A’s.

    First, though, a clarification on my earlier post…

    “Will the browser offer Flash and Java?” –In my previous blog post, I said “No” (you’ll see why in a moment). But several of you have pointed out an interview published in the German magazine MacWelt, in which the browser IS said to offer Flash and Java.

    So I’ve asked John Markoff, who audio-recorded our interview with Steve Jobs, to play back the relevant exchange for me. Here it is:

    Markoff: “What about all those plugins that live within Safari now, like Flash or like Java or like JavaScript?”

    Jobs: “Well, JavaScript’s built into the Phone. Sure.”

    Markoff: “And what are you thinking about Flash and Java?”

    Jobs: “Java’s not worth building in. Nobody uses Java anymore. It’s this big heavyweight ball and chain.”

    Markoff: “Flash?”

    Jobs: “Well, you might see that.”

    Markoff: “What about YouTube–”

    Jobs: “Yeah, YouTube—of course. But you don’t need to have Flash for YouTube.”

    So the DEFINITIVE answer now is: NO Java, MAYBE Flash.

    Going on:

    “Will we be able to assign ipod-playable songs to ringtones?” –John Markoff asked this during our interview, and Mr. Jobs said it’s not been decided yet.

    “How does the iPhone charge?” –It comes with a white charging/syncing dock, just like an iPod.

    “Also, are you SURE about the games? All the iPods run those special iPod games; wouldn’t you expect them to run those at least?” –Ooh, that’s a fantastic point. I explored the iPhone rather thoroughly during my time with it, and never saw any games. But it sure sounds logical that you’d at least get everything you get with a regular iPod!

    “Another thing: what is the of OS X version? Is it close to Leopard, a mobile-Leopard?” –No. It’s not the entire Mac OS X, either, and of course the interface has been redesigned for phone use.

    “The CALENDAR program, does it accept input on the phone, or is it just a dumb viewer of synced data from your mac, like the ipod is?” –Calendar program isn’t finished yet, but I did see an “add new event” icon on the placeholder graphic.

    “Is there any wireless (Bluetooth or Wifi) syncing at all, for contacts and calendar?” –No.

    “Is the SETTINGS menu working as of now, and what are some of the settings that you saw in there?” –Yes, it’s working! Some of the options I remember were: backlight timer; “show touch feedback” (a little dot appears on the screen every time you tap); airplane mode; ringtone. There were many pages of settings, though.

    “How was call quality? Was this not available for testing?” –Yes, it was working fine. I called home with it. Sounded loud and clear, although this means nothing at this point. Apple doesn’t even have FCC approval yet, and have many months of fine-tuning and fiddling left to do. Also, of course, your call quality will depend on how far you are from the cell tower.

    “How about going to Google spreadsheets and docs to open Word documents and spreadsheets?” –Should work, in theory!

    “Can the pinch gesture be used on Web pages?” –Yes! Also on email! So weird, but cool–I could zoom in and out on an entire email message: embedded photo, text, and all.

    “Are both text and images both (almost) infinitely resizable with the pinch gesture?” –No. The smallest size is “fit the whole thing on the screen.” The largest seems to be, I don’t know, 4X or 8X actual size.

    “So there are no speed dial keys??” –That one’s been bothering me, too. Even according to the demo at, it seems as though to dial, starting from the Home screen, you have to tap the Phone icon, then the keypad icon OR the phonebook icon, THEN tap someone’s name. I can’t believe Apple would design something that requires so many steps. Surely they’ve got a quicker method up their sleeve…

    “Or is it that the email will not sync?” –The email doesn’t sync with anything. It sends and receives email from the Internet.

    “Will the built-in sensors replace the need of the Nike sports kit for tracking running data?” –You’re kidding me, right?

    “Is there going to be a security logon, so that if it is stolen that it is essentially useless for non-hacker thieves?” –I didn’t see it, but since that’s standard on iPods, I would imagine that it’ll be there.

    “Will any songs downloaded to the phone itself be able to be used as ringtones?” –Apple says it hasn’t decided.

    “Will the iPhone work without a SIM card installed? i.e., will it be able to surf the web/email?” –Very doubtful.

    “Is the speakerphone any good?” –Yes, very good (for a cellphone).

    “Didn’t steve demo a feature where Google maps knew where the phone was? Wouldn’t that require GPS?” –No, he didn’t. (Yes, it would.)

    “Will the iPod FM radio work ?” –I’d guess yes, but don’t know for sure.

    “Do I HAVE to use Cingular?” –ARRRRRGGGHHH!

    “Can the iPhone be used as a modem for a MacBook?” –If the answer were yes, Apple surely would have touted that feature.

    “Will it support disk mode like ipods?” –I’m guessing yes. (I do have a call in to Apple for all these “I’m guessing” answers, but it seems they’ve been a little busy recently…)

    “Can you use it with an existing Cingular account, or will Cingular have a special iPhone group of plans with special features like the priority voice mail, etc?” –Cingular hasn’t yet determined service pricing.

    “You referred to the screen as being a ‘glass surface.’ Was it a figure of speech or is it really made out of glass?” –Figure of speech. It’s the same polycarbonate that’s used for iPod screens, although apparently the coating has been substantially improved.

    “Does the screen scratch easily?” –See above.

    “Do you really think Apple’s just going to sit on it and not work on improving it for the next half-year? Give it time.” –Could not agree more!

    “Will the iPhone touch surface work if you’re wearing gloves? Be unpleasant to use the phone in the dead of winter otherwise.” –No, it responds ONLY to skin touch. I couldn’t use my fingernail, for example. And you certainly can’t use a stylus. (On the other hand, I doubt there’s ANY smartphone you can operate with gloves on.)

    “If it doesn’t sync with Outlook, does that mean it will not be compatible with Windows OS?” –No, it’s definitely Windows-compatible, in that it syncs with iTunes. (Music, photos, videos, etc.)

    “Was there discussion of the CPU type?” –Mr. Jobs would not say what the processor is.

    “Can you use it with iPod headphones - that is a bud in each ear? Or is it a single bud like other phones?” — It comes with stereo earbuds with a microphone/switch on the cord, and any iPod-compatible earphones work.

    “How did they get OS X on a 4mb phone?” –It’s four GIGABYTES, not megabytes. And it’s not the whole Mac OS X.

    “No 3G is almost a deal breaker. EDGE is horrible for a device this advanced…how did that get overlooked?” –It wasn’t overlooked. 3G (HSDPA) is available only in a few cities. Apple says that when it’s more prevalent, the company will upgrade the iPhone.

    “Any word on whether the keypad will be available in the horizontal screen mode allowing larger keys, albeit a smaller text window?” –That orientation wasn’t available in the prototype; Apple hasn’t decided whether or not to add the landscape keyboard layout. (Also, interestingly: rotating the iPhone to change the screen orientation only works counterclockwise–and only, as Mr. Jobs said, “When it makes sense.” That is, not all programs rotate.)

    “I think it’s a bit backwards and disappointing for Apple to introduce a product that requires MORE visual attention than most phones, and which has no tactile means of operation.” –I agree. At this early date, I think the phone may be the weakest part of the iPhone.

    “How bright was the screen?” –Very.

    “Is the virtual keyboard at least as quick and easy to use as entering text with a regular cellphone’s number keys?” –I’d say it’s a wash. The “virtual” keys make it slower than a BlackBerry, but at least you have the whole alphabet; you don’t have to press the 1 key three times to get the letter C, or whatever.

    “Why is everyone missing the fact that this phone/device will seamlessly switch between Edge and Wi-Fi saving big $$$ on data rates?” –Because nobody bothers to post about what they LIKE. If Internetters can’t say something disparaging, they say nothing at all. :)
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    Since google maps work on iphone, no reason why Google spreadsheets and documents won't work. allowing u to open word and excel files.
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    wow great questions.
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    Who says we don't have a sense of humour?

    Posted: Sunday, 14 January 2007 at 4:10PM (AEDT)

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    So I'm expected to upload spreadsheets and word files to the google documents site?
    I thought Apple were meant to make things easier for people? This is what I'm continually told. However to me this sounds like a bit of a harder way to do things than it simple opening on the phone itself.
    If it was like this on Windows Mobile you'd have a Wanderer check-list of how it's easier on a Mac with numbered lists of the steps to view your files.

    I'm sticking with what I said about 3G. No amount of statements about the US not having enough coverage. For the price they're selling it they could put it in there and have it turned off by default. Then they'd cover all bases. Also, it would "just work" when somebody does have 3G coverage.

    I have posted what I like about this device. However, I can't see why there's a problem with me pointing out what appears to be several shortcomings.
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    giginger when the Model-T came out it was lauded as a great leap forward in automobile design and technology, not to mention the breakthrough in manufacturing design being the assembly line. It led the way, it was innovative, it was brilliant in concept and design.

    People like you of course complained that it didn't have air-conditioning, magnesium alloy wheels and it came in any colour as long as it was black.

    I get accused of accepting anything "Apple" whilst some people... well you know the rest.

    No matter which way you look at it, it's going to set the standard in mobile phone design, functionality and interface for many years.

    Just remember, the iPod is not technically the best mp3 player out there. Lots of people, myself included, had mp3 players before the iPod, we used them once they threw them in the drawer!

    They were, for all the features and functions they had, not cool to use with their tiny little slide switches, knobs and awkwardness.

    You are still missing the point with (I hate to say it) your PC mentality!

    Posted: Monday, 15 January 2007 at 7:23AM (AEDT)

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    gigingerSo I'm expected to upload spreadsheets and word files to the google documents site?
    I thought Apple were meant to make things easier for people? This is what I'm continually told. However to me this sounds like a bit of a harder way to do things than it simple opening on the phone itself.

    holly mother of God
    where does it say thats how you will use it.
    did u see the demo of Google maps. it WASN'T WASN'T working in ur browser. it was working as a stand alone app.
    Same can be done with Google spreadsheets . u won't upload anything. It will work like any other spreadsheet program on windows mobile for eg. with an added advantage of having a backup on google's server.


    So u think 100% of the customers should pay for a feature that only 5% are going to use.using ur logic iphone should come with all the possible combinations of communications so all the bases are covered. right?

    gigingerI have posted what I like about this device. However, I can't see why there's a problem with me pointing out what appears to be several shortcomings.
    one thing u don't seem to get is that ur talking about shortcoming on speculative features. features that might not be there or might be. features that will come later on. features that people think will work a certain way.
    there is nothing wrong in identifying shortcoming of a product. but its annoying when ur picking on shortcomings of a feature that is pure speculation like the google spreadsheet one.
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    gigingergiginger New
    edited January 2007

    It's just incredible to me how you can continue in this vein. You counter with the exact same style of points as me but saying the opposite yet somehow my point is less valid?

    Apple/Steve Jobs has stated that Spreadsheets and Word Documents won't be openable on the phone. Granted, they may well change that but when I said it wouldn't open them. That was the case. In fact, it's still the public case. Apple may well be listening to all this feedback and improving the phone to match peoples expectations. They could be ignoring it and just their own bug fixes. We don't know. You know as much as I do about this phone.

    However, the difference between you and I is that you're blindly accepting that this phone is as revolutionary as Jobs says it is. Whereas most other people are saying it's not and has some major shortcomings. Separate components of the phone are revolutionary. Nobodies disputing it. As a whole though, the iPhone is lacklustre and really quite average.

    Wander: Get stuffed you arrogant stuck up prick. PC mentality? The more you say that the less meaning it has. What you've described as PC mentality is displayed by you and other Apple fans (short for fanatic you know?) who will support Apple no matter how much they shit on them.

    Bollocks to the lot of you.
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    Brilliant pic, back-to-front but brilliant!

    Posted: Monday, 15 January 2007 at 8:08AM (AEDT)

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    gigingerSeparate components of the phone are revolutionary. Nobodies disputing it. As a whole though, the iPhone is lacklustre and really quite never did occur to u even for a second that ur analysis is horribly off.
    No it didn't prolly cause of what Wanderer said.

    Apple has always been about integration and seamless experience, not individual features. I think u have gone totally blind.
    this was true for an ipod and is true for iphone.

    u people failed to see it with the ipod and fail to see it with iphone as well.
    Why? because of what wanderer said. u guys ain't wired to appreciate integration or EXPERIENCE.

    at the end of the day the success of the product will dictate if Apple was right and you were wrong. or the other way around.

    just for record. when it actually meets is projected goal. please don't say that people who bought it are morons. which is a typical geek reply.
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    which is a typical geek reply.

    Ha ha ha ha ha Nice....
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    Maybe my way of putting it across was wrong. I'll try again.

    Just because a couple of components for the phone are revolutionary it doesn't make the whole phone revolutionary. In fact, the rest of the phone is so dull and ordinary that it nigh on negates any awesomeness the rest had.

    Multi-touch Screen = Awesome.
    The UI = Awesome.

    The rest = Average - Below average.

    I own an iPod. I wanted one from the 1st generation. It looked great to me. I couldn't afford one at the time, to be honest I couldn't really afford one when I got one but I have one. It's a 3rd Generation iPod. It's done me proud. There's been some moments where I felt like smashing it to bits because it had fucked up, again. However, I did some google searching and got answers on how to fix it and I did that. I've replaced the battery on it because the initial one failed. You see, I've kept using the iPod because when it works it works a treat. I bought my Mum a Nano and we're getting my Sister one for her birthday. I'm not adverse to Apple products. I just expect more, I should expect even more after reading Wanderers posts in that other god forsaken thread.
    I didn't fail to see why the iPod was great. I saw it from the beginning. I didn't like the price but I liked everything else about it.

    Your continual generalisation of PC users is pathetic though. Please, stop with that. It's just childish and moronic.

    at the end of the day the success of the product will dictate if Apple was right and you were wrong. or the other way around.
    That's not the way things work now. It's how successfully marketed a product is. We all know that. Apple are damn good at marketing. Expect for those PC vs Mac ads. Terrible, terrible adverts. Especially amusing because the dude shown as the PC user is actually a Mac user. Hmmmmmm

    At the end of the day, it probably will shift a lot of units very quickly. There's a lot of people who are going to buy it because it's Apple. There's another lot who'll buy it because it looks cool. However, that doesn't make it a success. That makes it a fashion accessory.
    I think this is where we differ on this phone. I want something that's fully functional first, aesthetically pleasing second. My Nokia does everything the iPhone does but it's here now (had it a few months actually :D). Yes, it's missing the touchscreen, visual voicemail and the UI but it has 3G, a replaceable battery, swappable memory, radio, a 3megapixel camera, opens office documents natively, installs 3rd party apps, syncs wirelessly (3rd party app). It also has google maps on it, does conference calls (I only say this because Jobs seemed to expect a round of applause for that in the keynote.), plays music, browses the web (has flash already installed on it and what seems to be a fully feature HTML browser. I've not encountered a site it has trouble with. Even posted here with it.) Oh, the camera has a flash too.
    This is why I'm down on the iPhone. I'm being told it's revolutionary but it's not. It's an average phone with a couple of cool features. Do you understand me now?
    Please, do you see my point about the iPhone now? It's a nearly revol
    Are you getting my point now? My current phone is technologically more capable if less sexy than the
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    I dont see why there's such an anti 3G attitude going on here...fair play America might be shockingly poor when it comes to mobile phones and networks, but here in England (where the phone is also going to be released, allbeit later, for god knows what reason) we have pretty reasonable 3G coverage, especially in major cities (which, realistically, is where the overpaid suited up city boys are going to be using it) and there's no reason not to include it. Fair enough it adds cost but it's a $500 phone, how much extra cost could it put on to make it so unworthwhile? Even if they dont include if for US release they should atleast be planning to add it to the UK released phone (I notice jobs says he 'might' add it when 3g coverage in america becomes more widespread, but what about adding it now(read: at launch) for countries where it already exists?)

    I'm gonna add this on its own so people are aware:
    When this phone is released in the UK, I will seriously consider purchasing it (probably March 08 since I get my next upgrade in April 07) and I think it offers a lot of great, revolutionary, functionality (actually, I just want to play with multitouch). The only things which will prevent me from purchasing it are: size (i realise they aint gonna make it a whole lot smaller), and price (I'm guessing even on contract it'l be a couple of hundred quid - a big consideration for poor UK students)
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    I agree with you Mini. Apart from the getting the phone part. Next version though. Oh yes.

    If your upgrade is due in April then hold off as you'll have even better bargaining power when it comes to you wanting an upgrade. Failing that, you'll be able to get a new contract with another company/same company without any hassle as you're out of contract. It's always worked for me. I haven't paid to upgrade my phone for the past few years. If you mention that you could leave your current contract and get a better deal with them then they'll pass you on the retention department (So 1984 that name isn't it?) and pretty much give you whatever phone you want and probably a contract price reduction too. Just stick to your guns. You probably already knew this though but I thought I'd pop it in here just in case you didn't.

    Back on topic:
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    You don't have to invent something to make it innovative, stylish, functional and cool!


    Posted: Tuesday, 16 January 2007 at 8:09AM (AEDT)

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