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phpbb migrator

Hi! I'm new to the forum and vanilla! I have been searching hi and low for the phpbb migrator script. Can someone point me to it. thanks


  • Do us a favour and type the exact title of this discussion into a topic search. Let us know what it comes up with cause I'm pretty sure if you cant find the migrator then the search function is broken.
  • Hi! thanks i searched about 20 different terms and even + zip and nothing turned up. i'm pretty good at research but this is difficult. its no where to download in the add-ons either. thanks if anyone can help!
  • Searched where? On google or on this forum?
  • Is it really that hard to find? When just filling in phpbb migrator and clicking search (so you get topic search), three discussions come up. This one, one about errors, and finally one called [v0.2] phpBB Migrator which is the main discussion about the migrator, with the download link posted several times, for instance here. Doing a comment search for phpbb migrator zip returns links as well.

    You can download it here. HTH HAND.
  • Thanks alot. I really appreciate it. Trust me I tried it all. I'm not one for asking help without searching on forums. Great!
  • we're here to help one another not be snarky... if someone asks for help, let's share the Vanilla attitude!
  • Sorry. I was just curious how someone could have searched so hard for something and not found it. Is there something we can do to make this easier?
  • Edit your first and last post in the migrator thread and add a download link there? TBH it's a bit hidden since it's neither on the first nor the last page there. Still, people should be able to find it now with another thread devoted to the migrator ;)
  • Yeah but chances are the link will be somewhere in that thread and the thread itself is hardly difficult to find I dont think. In any case i've stolen outbreaks post and put a link to the migrator in there.
  • The development of the phpBB migrator seems to be as good as dried up to me. I recently migrated a phpBB forum to vanilla using a modified version of the 0.2 migrator. I would still like to clean up the code and there are some small bugs left that I only figured out after the migration. However if nobody is maintaining it anymore, I would be happy to fix all of this and post a new version.
  • You're more than welcome to make an updated version of the migrator. And if you need any help during the process I'm sure there are enough of us who are willing to come with suggestions! :)
  • I must say I'm also more than happy for you to patch up the migrator and release a fixed up version of it. I really started it as a project to refresh myself because it was such an in demand script. I'll be first to admit it's not the tidiest or most efficient code and it's reached a point with bbcode issues and whatnot that it's a bit above my lazy level. As bjrn says though, if you need a hand with anything or working out why i've done it a certain way i'll try and point you in the right direction...
  • Just to let everyone know that I'm looking into releasing my updated code. I'm busy with some other stuff at the moment, I hope to release an updated version somewhere next week. Just a heads up on what is coming: * Fixed some bugs in Minisweeper's original code. * Added support for Attachments (migration from PHPBB extension to Vanilla Add On - optional). * Added some initial support to populate the tables of the Discussion Tags extension (based on reg-exp parsing). Minisweeper, if you like I can send you my code and you can merge it into yours.
  • If you're happy to take over the extension in general then feel free to just upload it to the Addons site. Mine never made it on there but there is at least one other migrator on there that i'm aware of so I dont see why you shouldnt :)
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    * Added support for Attachments (migration from PHPBB extension to Vanilla Add On - optional).
    Hi Mvhaen, I transferred my tables from phpBB -> Vanilla a while ago but would it be possible to go back and just add the old attachments from my phpBB database?
  • miss-one, this shouldn't be a problem. They are completely seperate tables and if you did not remove the phpbb columns that the migrator adds to the vanilla tables then you should be OK, and even if you did that it should be possible to migrate them with some additional effort.
  • Oh okay, sounds great. Will you release this to public for testing? If so let me know.. I'd love to test.
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    So for all of you who have been eagerly awaiting this: I've uploaded a new version of the migrator to my own webspace. https://euterpe.cmi.ua.ac.be/~mvhaen/[v0.3]migrator.zip It contains the following new features features: * Vanilla 1.1.2 Compatibility * Fixed some bugs in Minisweeper's original code. * Slightly improved BBCode migration (most compatible with the 'BBCodeParser' Add On, 'Better BB Code' has some problems). * Added support for Attachments (migration from PHPBB extension to Vanilla Add On - optional). And yes, attachments can be migrated whenever you want, just as long as you did not remove the phpbb entries added to the LUM tables. * Added some initial support to populate the tables of the Discussion Tags extension (based on reg-exp parsing). Note that I added a query at the bottom of comments.php to update the firstCommentId field of the Discussion table. firstCommentId is first set to the phpbb-id in discussions.php and we need to fix this afterwards If this is not done then you will not be able to modify the topic titles anymore. I did this operation manually for my database a while back and I've just written this code without testing it so please give me some feedback on this. Additionally since the phpBBpostid in the Post table is set to -1 and this id never occurs, this query is also safe if you want to fix an older migration. TODO: better migration of the BBCode. I'll wait for comments and bugs before posting this as an add-on. Michael
  • Will this wipe out the previous install?
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    no it will not, it will just add new entries to the database table. So watch out when using it on a live system.
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