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Vanilla on an iPhone (Safari 3.0)

dan39dan39 New
edited July 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
In case you hadn't heard yet, Apple has just released a Public Beta of Safari 3.0 for Mac and PC — so that developers can start developing web apps for the iPhone. As Safari is a standards-based browser, and Vanilla is a standards-based forum, the two should work together quite nicely (in theory, at least). You can download Safari 3.0 here: and read more about the reporting of the announcement here:


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    Having just watched Steve's Keynote Address at WWDC, anyone not excited by these developments should really check their pulse!

    Posted: Tuesday, 12 June 2007 at 1:09PM

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    lechlech Chicagoland
    /me checks pulse.

    yep... still dead.
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    Is it just me or was it just a less vague version of last years keynote address? Finder is looking good though. When I finally splash out on a Mac later this year/early next year that's the feature I think will be best. Anyone else seen that VMWare video of Windows apps running in a way that they're part of the Mac Desktop?
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    That's exactly why I want a macbook for my job giginger. Putting intel cores in was the best thing apple ever did. It's the ultimate computer now...
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    Same here Mini. That for me has sold me. It would appear that I can run everything I need within Mac now. If the company could get a nicer attitude I'd be happier but right now Apple Macs are looking good. I just wish they weren't so damn expensive :s
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    Macs are not expensive mate, the competition is cheap!
    I convinced my sister to buy an iMac for my niece and they were all wrapped with it, until they saw an el-cheapo PC at a discount store for just $499!
    Of course there is no comparison but you need to look beyond the price tag.

    Posted: Wednesday, 13 June 2007 at 7:52AM

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    It is a bit hard to when thats the major hurdle to getting one. My inverted comma key has just given up the ghost. DAMN DRINKS BOTTLE!
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    I understand perfectly, my budget currently falls a little short of a MacBook Pro at the moment, but I'd rather use a chisel and mallet instead of wasting good dollars on an alternative, no matter how inexpensive. And robbing banks ain't as easy as it used to be :-)

    Posted: Wednesday, 13 June 2007 at 10:03AM

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    Does a hammer and chisel have core animation? ;-)
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    No but the sound is fantastic!

    Posted: Wednesday, 13 June 2007 at 4:48PM

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    PHlaDONGK! Does the latest Apples still have that sound when you turn them on? Always made me think of a Beatles song.
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    edited June 2007
    I'm *soooooooo* glad that apple has finally released safari on Windows.

    Any Mac users know of a way to have a Windows UK keyboard layout under OSX? Switching between the two is doing my head in.
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    Try... Apple Menu -> System Preferences... -> International ->

    Posted: Thursday, 14 June 2007 at 8:11AM

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    Quote: giginger
    pic Does the latest Apples still have that sound when you turn them on? Always made me think of a Beatles song. pic
    Yes but I turned mine off because I tend to switch on late at night when peeples are trying to sleep so I have not heard it for a while.

    Posted: Thursday, 14 June 2007 at 8:12AM

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    I just got safari3 running on my laptop...gonna take me a while to get used to this wierd lookin text..
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    Weird? I'd love to see a screenshot.

    Posted: Thursday, 5 July 2007 at 9:39AM

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    Someone posted one a while back I'm pretty sure. You put it down to MS's shitty anti aliasing or something. I'll get used to it I guess... I'm not entirely convinced about it being much quicker though. We'll see how CPU and RAM useage go compared to Firefox though as that's the only reason I'm going off it...
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    KrakKrak New
    edited July 2007
    I tried it out (actually making this post from Safari) and I've got to say, it ain't gonna make me switch. Eats more memory than FF or IE, 10-20mb more on average. Startup was the same for FF and Safari. Web pages rendered with Safari look horrible. The fonts are hideous, and page render time was noticably longer. The thing that irritated me the most though was shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts are not working. ALT+D works, but entering a url and using ALT/SHIFT etc + ENTER, did absolutely nothing. No .nets, .coms or .orgs, and those shortcuts I use constantly. My extra mouse buttons dont work either. Plus, IMO, ugly interface. There are a couple things I did think were cool. I like how it highlights the box your typing in, thats neat. And I do like the fact that if I navigate away from a page I had typed something in, and then went back, my entered text was still there. I'd show you a screenshot but all the ones I took looked fine in, but the actual rendered screen does not. Odd. And when I used FastStone to capture the scrolling window, it didnt do its scrolling thing. But ugly interface, horrible fonts, slow rendering, more mem usage. Eh, not for me. (Windows XP, dual 17" LCDs, with plenty of mem, graphics and cpu power to go around) Edit: I have not noticed any rendering errors (besides being really slow) so I guess thats a bonus. They at least got the standards compliant part right (so far). Also, the font issue, I noticed that it is per website. Some look fine, others look horrible, like the font size is set at a odd number or something.
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    All the problems you mentioned are Windblows specific obviously.
    Nothing like that on my Mac, in fact it uses next to no memory and drops to almost zero use when in the background, but that's the UNIX memory manager of course.

    Running Safari on Windows is a bit like using a Ferrari body with an old VW Beetle engine I guess.

    Posted: Thursday, 5 July 2007 at 3:15PM

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    I miss my extensions in Safari. For me it starts up a LOT quicker than FX2, but then I have a bazillion extensions and load it off a portable drive - can Safari be portable (haven't looked around yet)?

    I quite like the Mac antialiasing, but then I also like the Windows antialiasing, they're just different. I do like the fact that you can change the antialiasing level inside the app.

    I don't like that you can only resize the window using the bottom right corner. This is something I generally dislike in OSX, but it really should be resizeable from any corner/edge in the Windows versions as that's expected behaviour for the OS.

    StrokeIt (free mouse gestures program) doesn't function at all in Safari, which considering it does in just about every app on windows is a disappointment - god only knows what they're doing to disable it.

    Backspace doesn't take me back a page (but ALT+Left does, which is good) and I can't find an easy way to customise my keys. I know others don't provide this either, but again on the expected behaviour - if you're going to go against it, have an easy way for people to change it back.

    ALT+Space menu can't be activated by clicking in the top left corner (ALT+Space does work thankfully) - expected behaviour.

    There's a serious accessibility issue with the default setup, in that pressing TAB won't select links. Looking in the "Advanced" options ("Misc" may have been a better description IMO) there's an option to enable this saying "Option-Tab highlights each item." Err, Option? ALT-TAB is taking in Windows, so's WIN+TAB and CTRL+TAB doesn't appear to do anything in Safari yet it's default for switching between tabs in both FX2 and IE7 in Windows - expected behaviour.

    You *can* change tabs using CTRL+{ and CTRL+} apparently (no reason you can't have this AND the CTRL+TAB / CTRL+SHIFT+TAB to make both OSX and Windows users happy) - however, what this actually translates to in Windows is CTRL+SHIFT+[ and CTRL+SHIFT+].

    But they're all picky things. Worst thing is that it crashes way too often and without warning or reason it would seem. At least it crashes tidily and fast :) I know it's only beta, so I'm not holding this against it long term, but FX3.0a7pre doesn't crash for me under far more strenuous browsing conditions. So I applaud Apple for finally bringing Safari to Windows, it's about time, but they'd best get the polish ut before it's properly released, otherwise they're going to look like amateurs. I'll keep my fingers crossed :)
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