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Vcal (Event calendar) Alpha screenshots

These are not mockups, only real screenshots
Calendar Monthly view. I'll be adding the daily view right next to the monthly view. their will be no weekly views.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Complete Event Form
Picture 5

Advanced options for the event
Picture 6

Repeat options
Picture 7
Picture 8
Calendar Options
Picture 1


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    THIS IS NOT A DRILL GUYS!! Looks cool :) Does it all work then? How much work you got left?
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    only 5% done
    95% left

    Look at the other integrated event calendar for the feature list.
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    Awesome! I like the way you handled the Multi-Event listings. I think that's the best way. The multiple spanning divs thing can get messy with several entries. Make sure you post your PayPal link :)
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    will this calendar allow users to post events?
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    You will have role permissions of who can add/edit or remove events
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    edited October 2007
    looking good. Maybe these Design Pattern Calendar UI examples are of interest: EDIT: more background and samples:
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    Looking forward to it!
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    TomTesterTomTester New
    edited October 2007
    I loves ma lil' schizo! main request: author, location or event tag/type indicator (color?)
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    @jakob, flickr is blocked in dubai
    can u post it somewhere else, like photobucket

    @tomtester. yes it will have color and categories but no tags
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    flickr is blocked in dubai
    Oh right, I didn't know that. The link is quite an extensive and continually extended scrapbook of typical UI Design Elements so downloading and re-uploading has limited value. I did a quick google - would this help: bypass flickr ban firefox extension? If not, post again and I'll go the manual route.
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    edited October 2007
    Awesome worked perfectly
    Thanks jacob
    Pictures in the month view was a nice touch. instead of saying Nov 28th concert, just add the picture of the concert promotions, which makes it easily recognizable if their is lot of clutter.
    this link was worth the look, nice ideas.
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    yes it will have color and categories but no tags

    I guess this is via Categories set up on the forum then, not user-defined only-appearing-on-calendar categories (I have no idea what to understand here by tags).

    I'm thinking of a Vanilla Category called "Events" but only in the Calendar would I want to distinguish different kinds of events. So forum denizens get the full "Events" spread in the usual cats.
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    categories as in calendars.
    so it will be within the Event category but different calendars
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    Add me to your list of beta testers.
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    me too!! :)
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    I added a further link to my post above a little earlier and now this even more and exhaustive calendar and date-picker round-up arrived in my feeds:
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    What type of permissions are we looking at
    Right now i have 2
    Role specific Events-> Which roles can view a particular event
    Role specific Event types-> Which roles can view an entire event type. So you can have an event type specially for mods or admins.

    is it which roles or what roles :S
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    plus which roles can create or manage events
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    ok a bit of a change here
    You added bunch of events in different calendar type and allowed only Admins and Members to view them. Later on you added another Role called "ConcertReps" How will you now allow all the old events to be viewable to this new role.
    I think i will remove per event viewing.
    I'll keep Per Calendar viewing. So you can just say this new role ConcertReps can view all events in this calendar.

    Avcourse you will have who which roles can add/manage and delete events
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