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Opensource software suite recommendations...

edited September 2005 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Just thought it'd be nice to have a list of software people recommended that was available free similar to the vanilla ethos. CMS's, galleries, client management, server management, that sort of thing.


  • CMS - Drupal Gallery - Gallery2 Client Management - Don't have a need for it Server Management - Webmin I guess but I have a WHM/cPanel license on my VPS Blog - Wordpress
  • I'll second Drupal as far as CMSs are concerned. There's really nothing else that can even touch it.
  • +1 on Drupal also. Just because I am biased as I work there.
  • You "work there", Nathan? What do you mean by that?
  • Actually, speaking of Drupal, the only thing lacking in it really, imo, is the forum. Would be sweet if Vanilla could be integrated into it somehow.
  • By work there, I mean I am a developer there/ for the project. Don't know what I was thinking. Killes raised an issue about actually 'borowing' concepts from Vanilla. A lot of the ideas got shot down in the mailing lists, but they were particularly interested in the 'edited' notice on comments, and the simplicity of the actual forum. I think they are going to do a shake up of the forum after 4.7 is released (code freeze starts shortly. there are GREAT things to come so get a version of cvs and test it people). As for integrating it. There could be some real problems with the rewrite rules and .htaccess (if you use the path module), but, if you could get around those it is then diefinately possible. I'll look into it.
  • I've been impressed with Drupal ever since I found it a few months ago. The taxonomy system in itself had me sold. I intalled Drupal HEAD and messed around with it. I was particularly impressed with free tagging and how you can now place blocks. Both are done exceptionally well. AJAX is also nice to have, of course. What I'm most interested in seeing, however, is CCK....that baby will light the CMS scene on fire.
  • Isnt' Wordpress considered CMS?

  • even if its not its opensource cool software. noted. Noones mentioned basecamp either, not open source but available free. Which is what i was getting at really.
  • I also can't wait until the CCK is released. chx just released the content.module that lets you define your own custom content types. It shares similar functionality with Flexinode, but it is actually a cut down version of CCK. CCK WON'T be released in 4.7, but the content module will take its place for this release. I LOVE the new block system. Some great designs are going to come out of that one.
  • You can use Wordpress as a CMS and to an extent I do but it is a blogging platform at heart.
  • just found ...seems pretty nifty. I wonder how difficult it is to add modules.
  • I'm working on my companys new website and I'm looking for a CMS that is fast, easy to use (there will be others doing updates than just me) and it should have completely CSS based theme system. What I need for the site is, News system with good publishing options (release time and such), a product catalog (basically image of the product, short description and just few additional files considering the product), if psobbile, a form manager software (I once saw this on one CMS, was really cool to do forms on the fly but this is not neccesary) and ofcourse filemanagement software (upload, download and linking to the sactual site). Can you guys recommend anything? And nath, can you recomment Drupal for my needs? The site is noit going to be that huge, the company I'm working for is just a small and the traffic on the site is pretty decent.
  • blog: wordpress all the way

    text editor: I ♥ jEdit
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    for the linux desktop, I preffer BlueFish as the primary editor of choice.
  • @Kosmo: Drupal can do all yo require. Witht the e-commerce module, flexinode (for the forms etc.) and image module for all the pictures. If it is a small sit however, Drupal MAY be a little large for your needs. There are hundreds of files in it (especially if you install e-commerce). It would be really simple to use and set up, but, it would have HEAPS of unused function and features (that come with core) in this situation. download [1] it and test it out. [1]
  • as a pointer, kosmo, phpcoin has all the things you requested. I think. I'm just playing with configuring it now and it has a whole shitload of options, and can be a little confusing. But once you've played for a while it does seem quite smart. I need someone to skin it before i even consider using it properly though.
  • EMACS DOES EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • But VI does it better! :)
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