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This discussion is related to the TagThis addon.
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  • RaizeRaize vancouver ✭✭
    Thanks Spode, this is an awesome extension. It's especially great that you can go from download to implementation within 3 minutes, which is something I love about Vanilla.

    The extension is working correctly on my site, but there seems to be some sort of error (which is displayed 3 times):

    Notice: Undefined variable: Configuration in ... extensions/TagThis/library/Function.TagThis.php on line 217

    This is with the default theme on Vanilla 1.1.5a...

    edit: tried v 1.01 and now it says "on line 219" (no error message when I am on the settings page)

    edit: no errors in v 1.03
  • Hi Raize - I have a couple of errors reported to me. I shall have them fixed this evening :)
  • Version number changed from 1.00 to 1.01.
  • Uploaded version 1.01 of TagThis.
  • Uploaded version 1.02 of TagThis.
  • Sorry chaps - found a major bug with the links and had to upload...
  • Sorry again - there appears to be a couple of fairly large bugs that I need to get sorted. At the moment the tags won't get saved if you post a fresh discussion, only if you edit old ones :(
  • Uploaded version 1.03 of TagThis.
  • Once again, sorry for that - bugs all fixed :)
  • RaizeRaize vancouver ✭✭
    Thanks Spode!
  • Uploaded version 1.04 of TagThis.
  • Ok - one bug fix that isn't a show stopper, and a feature change, so that it defaults to showing a site wide tag cloud if there is no tag cloud for a user/discussion.

    If any of you used a bugged version - you MAY have to clear out any tags with DiscussionID of "0" from your LUM_Tags table. Otherwise, when you start a new discussion, you'll find there are pre-defined tags.

    Would anyone like to see a feature where as keywords from the title are automatically turned into tags, stripping out words like and/is/of etc. ?
  • I just downloaded and installed this ext. and.. "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '&', expecting T_VARIABLE or '$' in /main/extensions/TagThis/library/Function.TagThis.php on line 37"
  • RaizeRaize vancouver ✭✭
    @Spode...a feature like that would be wonderful. Anything we can do to improve SEO is an advantage.
  • Vaniller - I can't replicate the error (might be specific to your install), but try adding this code BEFORE the line.

    //no tags entered
    if (!isset($tags))

    I'll probably add this code into the next revision, just in case (no harm).
  • RaizeRaize vancouver ✭✭
    Is there a way to delete tags? ie. from wherever they are "stored"

    The discussion I had tagged has been deleted, so I would like to delete the associated tags as well...
  • Only if you want to tinker in the database :P

    Simple solution would be if I added in a check to see if the discussion has been deleted in the SQL query :)
  • Uploaded version 1.05 of TagThis.
  • Just for you raize - tags from DELETED discussions will be ignored :)
  • Uploaded version 1.06 of TagThis.
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