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This discussion is related to the FeedThis addon.


  • I get this error on all the RSS feeds (

    A fatal, non-recoverable error has occurred
    Technical information (for support personel):

    Error Message
    An error occurred while retrieving search results.
    Affected Elements

    The error occurred on or near: Not unique table/alias: 'fc'
    I've not investigated it, but thought I would mention it first.
  • Hi blakepaw - I'm not sure what to suggest, sorry. In the next version I intend on making the URLs shorted as I feel these might be causing a problem.

    Judgej - I would suggest that another of your extensions is adding into the same delegate point as FeedThis and also using the fc alias.
  • Thanks - I'll look at that. I guess that particular delegate adds tables and select-criteria to the database query. I didn't realise they could work like that.

    -- Jason
  • Hi, thanks for this great plugin!

    I'm having one feature request though: Could you add a simple setting (preferably) with GUI to turn on and off the listing of the feeds in the sidebar? Because I need to have feeds, but I want to make a forum that is clean and simple, without too much technical details scaring non-geeks away. So I want the browser to auto-detect feeds, but I don't find it necessary to show the feeds in the sidebar.. :)

  • Hi Judge - it wouldn't harm me to rename it - so I may well do :)

    You can turn all the feeds off in the side bar through the settings. They URLS should still all work. But thinking about it - it then wouldn't register the feeds so your browser won't pick up on them - good point :)
  • Yeah, I noticed the settings after commenting.. Sorry about that! But as you said: Turning off also turns off the browsers detection. Will you fix that?
  • Howdy spode, I've really been appreciating some of your add-ons as I'm getting to learn Vanilla. I have a project where it would be great if I could have a discussions feed in the same reverse-chronological order (by most recent activity) that we have in the forum.

    I might be interested in hiring your help to make the necessary changes if you'd be willing. My email address is
  • Uploaded version 1.03 of FeedThis.
  • Ok Chaps, so I made some time today to go through the reported issues.

    The biggest issue, which I couldn't replicate because I'm a dumbass, is the incorrect order of the feed. A feed of comments is rendered differently to a feed of discussions - and I had no code affecting the order of discussions!

    I've now added that in, so the "All Discussions" list should look the same as clicking "Discussions" - i.e in order of Activity.

    People complaining of it showing up parts of the site that people shouldn't be seeing, I'm really not sure how this can happen. FeedThis essentially represents a SEARCH as an RSS feed. So the only topics you should be able to see, are those that the currently authenticated/unauthenticated user can see.

    I noticed that it was display one too many feed items (11 instead of 10 for example) but this is now fixed.

    I renamed the table "fc" to "fc2" which will hopefully solve judgej's issue.

    I also added the ability to turn off the sidebar links which forteller wanted.

    I'm *hoping* I can put a cap on this extension for the moment now and concentrate on fixing my other extensions bugs so I can start developing some of the new extensions I want to release!
  • hi spode,

    again, great work here!

    could it be possible to add a feed for the most recent comments in the whole forum?

  • Hi,

    I'm searching for a a way to hack the addon to authenticate feeds via a secret query parameter. I just can't get standard authenticate to work. Tried free my feed and yahoo pipes and skimmed through the sourcecode. Where would i have to look?
  • palmiak: I think I found the same problem as you. This is the cause (line 136 of default.php):

    if ($SearchType == "Topics") {

    The RSS feed will only work if the search type is 'Topics'. The search type can actually be 'Topics' *or* 'Discussions', depending on whether you go through the search page in advanced mode or not. In advanced mode it is 'Discussions'.

    The fix is simple:-

    Line 136:
    if ($SearchType == "Topics" || $SearchType == "Discussions") {

    also line 123:
    if ($SearchType == "Topics" || $SearchType == "Discussions" || $SearchType == "Comments") {

    -- Jason

    Edit: actually, I think I posted this to the wrong extension. It was meant for the "RSS2 Feeds" extension.
  • @Spode - Ran into the same issue with XHTML strict validation as TagThis: ampersands in feed URLs need to be encoded as &Perhaps you can update this in a future release.

    I changed all $Properties['Extra'] definitions throughout Default.php, e.g.$Properties['Extra'] = "&CategoryID=".$CategoryID."&FeedTitle=". urlencode($Properties['ListName']." (".GetCategoryName($CategoryID).")"); as well as the GetFeedUriForFeed function in Function.Feedthis.php return GetUrl($Configuration, "search.php", '', '', '', '', "PostBackAction=Search&Type=".$Parameters['SearchType']. "&Page=1&Feed=" . $Parameters['FeedType'].@$Parameters['Extra'], '');
  • I know no one usually gets back about problems but i just keep getting this error when i go to feed settings:

    Warning: render(/home/content/c/a/s/cassette/html/vanilla/extensions/FeedThis/theme/Theme.FeedThisForm.php) [function.render]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/c/a/s/cassette/html/vanilla/extensions/FeedThis/library/PostBackControl.FeedThis.php on line 60

    Warning: render(/home/content/c/a/s/cassette/html/vanilla/extensions/FeedThis/theme/Theme.FeedThisForm.php) [function.render]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/c/a/s/cassette/html/vanilla/extensions/FeedThis/library/PostBackControl.FeedThis.php on line 60

    Warning: render() [function.include]: Failed opening '/home/content/c/a/s/cassette/html/vanilla/extensions/FeedThis/theme/Theme.FeedThisForm.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/content/c/a/s/cassette/html/vanilla/extensions/FeedThis/library/PostBackControl.FeedThis.php on line 60

    (edit: working now, had to upgrade my vanilla. DUH!)
  • also now when i try to add to google reader it says the feed cannot be found

    "Free my feed" is not working (unknown error)
    and apparently the only people whose readers are working properly are on Akregator?
  • Me too have this problem:

    A fatal, non-recoverable error has occurred
    Technical information (for support personel):

    Error Message
    The "FTForm" class referenced by "FTForm" does not appear to exist.
    Affected Elements

    For additional support documentation, visit the Lussumo Documentation website at:

    I couldn't even get to the extensions setting page - it occured just after I uploaded files onto the server and after this error message the whole forum page become blank white. Deleting files from server helped. Any clues what's wrong?
  • @Spode: I think there's a little mistake in the Function.FeedThis.php library...

    I got a lot of errors in my PHP error log that looked like this:PHP Notice: Undefined offset: 93 in /mnt/***/forum/extensions/FeedThis/library/Function.FeedThis.php on line 387 which is the code that takes care of post truncation: $output .= $out[$i] . " ";

    To fix it, I've changed line 377 from: if (count($out) <= $Context->Configuration['BLOG_WORD_LIMIT']) to: if (count($out) <= $Context->Configuration['FT_WORD_LIMIT'])
  • Hi,

    I have been using your feedThis add-on on our forum. However, it doesn't appear to work with Google Reader - when people post replies or create new discussions the google reader doesn't appear to pick those up and keeps displaying the old discussions.

    Are there any workarounds or fixes planned for this problem?

    Many thanks

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