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Dismiss announced discussion = gone forever



  • @lincoln, you can talk to Mark and others about it, though...
  • LincLinc Director of Development Detroit Vanilla Staff
    @bean That's a terrible workaround. I mean, I could just as easily edit it in phpmyadmin too, but that's a ridiculous solution for a bug.
  • lucluc ✭✭
    edited January 2010
    Indeed, but that's better than nothing, and easier for people without mysql knowledge (I would have gone the mysql way myself).

    Something I've seen in a highly customized metaforum (it has not much left from the original metaforum, apart from the way it behaves) is that you can hide (which is basically dismiss is) lots and lots of threads (ie. discussions) but you've got a link to all those hidden threads if you care to go and watch them again.

    I'd like something like that, basically it's just what's needed, being able to dismiss any discussion (not just the announcement) and then have some link (like My bookmark/My discussion/My draft) that will displayed those specific discussions.
  • LincLinc Director of Development Detroit Vanilla Staff
    An interesting solution indeed! Adding a line to the Discussions dropdown menu would be worth it if I could "dismiss/ignore/hide" regular discussions I wanted gone too. Extending it like that would actually make the current behavior make sense and let people have a more enjoyable and customized experience.
  • Yesh....yesh..yesh!! Perfect'o, good one Bean. But I'm bad with Mysql and PHP coding, could you help me out? it! I know do what Bean said but mkae it so when you click someones name you can't see their Dismissed Threads... Huh?!
  • Oy! I just discovered this problem — now I suddenly understand why my Announcements stopped getting replies. This is terrible behavior. Roguefoxx is right, the expected result is that they'll drop back in line; having them disappear altogether is aieee!

    The one bright spot is that an admin account can go in and Unannounce, and those dismissed threads will then show up in the list of normal discussions again. So it's not permanent. But I have to stop using the Announce feature altogether until this is fixed. :(

    I agree that Bean's suggestion might be a good solution from a user perspective, if that turns out to be easier than simply having 'dismiss' drop Announcements back into the general flow.
  • LincLinc Director of Development Detroit Vanilla Staff
    I've filed issue #222 regarding this problem on GitHub.
  • lucluc ✭✭
    edited January 2010
    Thanks Lincoln, thanks to you, we know how to create a search element :): #vanilla2
  • LincLinc Director of Development Detroit Vanilla Staff
    Haha, yeah I noticed that too. For not tweeting much, @Mark sure is taking pages from their playbook! ;)
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    hahaha - I forgot I added that functionality!
  • edited January 2010
    I've been playing with my code baset this evening and have implemented some fairly simple changes which seems to perform ok on my testing.

    Basically, if the UserID is > 0, build up an array of DiscussionIDs on based of prefetched data in $AnnounceData for offset 0, and call a new function I created called GetAnnouncementIDs which only pulls the DiscussionID from the database.

    I then extended the Discussion model Get method to take an additional parameter, $AnnounceIDs. Then, within there I'm able to do:

    if ($UserID > 0 && is_array($AnnounceIDs)) {
    if (count($AnnounceIDs) > 0)
    $this->SQL->WhereNotIn('d.DiscussionID', $AnnounceIDs);
    } else {
    $this->SQL->Where('d.Announce', '0');

    This seems to work fine, plus its doing its scan on an indexed column (DiscussionID). Only draw back is an additional query where the offset > 0, however I "optimised" that query to only fetch back the DiscussionID and took out all unneeded joins.

    I'll push my code up to Github tomorrow when I tidy it up, but just thought I'd put my notes on here as food for thought.


  • phreakphreak VanillaAPP - White label iOS and Android App MVP
    Hi all,

    My users still experience this problem under Vanilla 2.0.10. Ähm, was this ever solved, and if, how dows it work now?

  • LincLinc Director of Development Detroit Vanilla Staff
    To my knowledge, this is still an issue.
  • MikhaelMikhael New
    edited October 2010
    This is a bigger issue than I first thought when I read this thread a while ago.

    Bit of strange design here @Mark..? Sticky posts are not always announcements, and as far as I can see, all we can do is announce or post normally. Not good. A sticky post should appear as any other (without a 'dismiss' option). And of course users should be able to reset dismissed announcements (perhaps in their profile) to display them again.

    Things like this, and other basic failings or forum operations not even implemented, are making me consider using other forum software. There's nothing quite so easy and intuitive for casual forum users as Vanilla 2 though.

    I wonder how many potential 'customers' Vanilla is losing because of such things..?
  • MikhaelMikhael New
    edited October 2010
    As an easy workaround I decided to remove the Announcement checkbox from the post form, and just create an 'Announcements' category which members can view but not post in.

    (root)/applications/vanilla/views/post/discussions.php around line 35 contains the following; if ($Session->CheckPermission('Vanilla.Discussions.Announce')) $Options .= '<li>'.$this->Form->CheckBox('Announce', T('Announce this discussion'), array('value' => '1')).'</li>';
    Just put // before both lines.
  • edited October 2010
    @mikhael I think you can get also get round this until the BUG ( @mark @todd ) is fixed with messages see /dashboard/message admittedly with no comments directly but the message could have a link to a thread if the message announcement is longer than say 2 lines.
  • MikhaelMikhael New
    edited October 2010
    @DavyB; Not sure quite what you mean. More detail please..?
  • Currently If you setup some say rules at the start of a thread, announce it then later you want to unannounce it the current behavior is that the thread will be gone forever.

    If however you do not announce it but create a message with a URI pointing to the permalink of the thread in dashboard/message (only the user with profile/1 sees the dashboard panel) its in the appearance section
    Then the message can be modified when you no longer need the announcement/sticky nature of the thread.
  • edited October 2010
    and the thread will drop back into the normal pattern.
  • LincLinc Director of Development Detroit Vanilla Staff
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