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Have you Noticed the new Like Button on

ToddTodd Chief Product Officer Vanilla Staff
edited October 2011 in Releases
You may have noticed that posts on this site have three new buttons: Like, Spam, and Abuse. These are all part of a plugin we are testing that we think will eventually be a core feature of Vanilla.

Originally we had voting set up on these forums. By and large the feature was ignored. We have our ideas why we think this is, but we really think that having some sort of community driven validation and moderation mechanism is important.

I'm hoping that the current system we have will be a much better solution, but I want to hear your thoughts and comments about it. I don't think it's done yet and I really want to have it be a well rounded feature set before releasing it.

So, I encourage you all to use the plugin on this site. Please don't randomly click the buttons, but if you like someone's post then click like. If you see spam, report it. If you see a post that is downright abusive then report the abuse.

Let us know what you think.


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