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Vanilla Forums official documentation

LincLinc Director of DevelopmentDetroit Vanilla Staff
edited March 2014 in Releases

We're building Vanilla's docs with GitHub Pages + Jekyll + Picnic courtesy of @Kasper's skill & efforts. Now that it's a slick process, five years of product knowledge are leaking out of my head at every available opportunity:

We are trickling them out as they are available, not waiting for some grand unveiling. We'll have them on a subdomain of once they're further along, but that link should continue working.

The docs are under version control, naturally:

We'll be branching according to version once we have sufficient content to bother with that. GitHub parses Markdown natively so you can browse the docs via the repo very nicely.

This will replace the "Documentation" section of this site and quite a number of .com blog posts as we move along.



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